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“What does the campus look like?”

Blue skies over Zankel today. #Skidmore

That’s one of the top questions we get from prospective students.

There are so many ways to answer this question:

There’s no denying that our campus is beautiful. Who wouldn’t want to spend four years here?


Fall Open Houses

Fall Open House


Who doesn’t love fall? Everything is colorful and pumpkin-flavored and it’s a great time to visit colleges. This fall, we’re hosting five different open houses for students interested in seeing our fall foliage and trying our pumpkin coffee (and getting to know our great campus, students, and academics). We encourage you to register for one of the three remaining open houses today!

(Also, how cool is our open house postcard, really?

Summertime and the living’s easy

Ah, summer. A lot of people associate summer with down time: cookouts with friends, hanging by the pool, no homework. Well, for the Admissions staff here at Skidmore, that’s not necessarily the case.

Every summer, we host an open house where hundreds of families visit from across the country. Students are able to tour campus; join in a picnic with faculty, staff, and students; participate in a student panel; and generally get a feel for what Skidmore is all about. It’s one of the busiest days of the year!

Skidmore's fabulous tour guides at last year's Summer Open House.

Skidmore’s fabulous tour guides at last year’s Summer Open House.













This year’s open house is Monday, July 8. So, after you’ve celebrated America’s independence, pack up the car and grab your folks for a beautiful drive upstate to Skidmore. Be sure to register first, so we know you’re coming.

See you then!

Eight lucky “winners”

Creative Thought Matters in London!

A great opportunity just opened up for eight incoming Skidmore students: a chance to spend their first semester in London!

Students at Trafalgar Square

Students at Trafalgar Square

Each fall, 36 members of the entering class at Skidmore spend their fall semester in our London Program with two Skidmore faculty. This fall, the group will be accompanied by Professor Erica Bastress-Dukehart of the history department and Professor Tom Lewis of the English faculty. Information on their academic backgrounds and descriptions of the First-Year Scribner Seminars they will be offering in London are included here.

First-Year London students take their remaining courses at our affiliate, the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) for the fall semester, receive full Skidmore credit towards all-college requirements and their Skidmore degree, and join their classmates on campus in January for the second semester. All courses are supplemented by a variety of out-of-class activities that utilize London as a resource to enhance in-class work. Participation in the First-Year London Program does not preclude opportunities to study abroad again as an upper-class student.  The London students will arrive in Saratoga Springs on August 19th for a two-day on-campus orientation program prior to their departure, as a group, for New York City where they will fly to London, arriving on August 22nd.

It’s a great opportunity and just another reason why you should consider Skidmore College!


The Skidmore Mind: Do you have it?

Skidmore Mind

Skidmore attracts brains of all kinds: science brains, literary brains, artistic brains, and math brains. But those brains are of one mind. They are Skidmore Minds.

The Skidmore Mind can be defined by its sensibilities more than its capabilities. Those sensibilities set it apart from many others and include:

We’d like to take you on a journey through the Skidmore Mind and help you understand if your mind may, in fact, be a Skidmore Mind.



Happy New Year!

Can you believe 2012 went by so fast?? For some of you, this will be the year you will attend college, how exciting! Whether you’re thinking about attending Skidmore or not, the beginning of the year is great time to reflect on goals and wishes for the future. We asked members of the Skidmore community what they hoped for the most in 2013–check out what they had to say:


Did you know?

In a meeting the other day, it was announced that approximately one-third of Skidmore students are science majors. Did you know that?

Skidmore Science Students

It occurred to me that are other facts that some people might know know. For example,

Did you know that:

You’ve got questions–we’ve got answers!

Well, it’s that time of year again. High school seniors around the globe are preparing for college and getting applications ready. And you know what that means–questions! We’ve been getting a lot of great questions on Formspring and I wanted to share a few here.

Remember, you can ask a current student a question any time here. Trust me, they LOVE getting questions, so ask away!

I was also wondering what makes an applicant more likely to be accepted, e.i. if two students have the same grades and SAT/ACT scores, what would be the deciding factor between the two?

Hi there,

Recommendations for applying to Skidmore include the following:

1. A competitive high school transcript. By competitive, I mean we are looking for four years of the five major academic areas (Math, English, Sciences, Social Studies and Foreign Language) and an academically rigorous course load. The more rigorous your course load (AP and IB classes, for example), the more your transcript and application will stand out.

2. Your extracurricular activities. We are looking for well-rounded individuals who are involved in social, academic and community activities. We look at each applicant holistically, so if you can paint us a picture of your interests and passions, that certainly helps.

3. Competitive test scores. The range for successful applicants for SAT scores are as follows: SAT Critical Reading: 570 / 680, SAT Math: 580 / 690, SAT Writing: 580 / 690 and for ACT scores: ACT Composite: 26 / 30, ACT English: 26 / 32, ACT Math: 24 / 29, ACT Writing: 8 / 9.

4. Fit. By fit I mean we look for students who are creative, intelligent, socially and culturally aware, open-minded, and have active social lives. It’s hard to put a tangible number or characteristic on this, but if you believe Creative Thought Matters to your undergraduate experience, to the major you choose, and to the life paths you will take, then you should apply to Skidmore.

creative thought matters- how is this theme apparent in academic classes such as history or language?

Hello there!

This is an excellent question, thank you for asking it. I will begin by telling you that we try to embrace “Creative Thought Matters” (or CTM) in everything we do on campus from academics to co-curricular life.

In an academic case, like the one you’re asking about, I think the best way to answer this is to tell you about our interdisciplinary approach to teaching and learning. At Skidmore, if you’re interested in history or taking a language, you can combine and overlap, create and tailor your interests into these programs and turn them into careers.

For example, Andrew Bernstein ’07 ( was a history major while at Skidmore, but now, he’s the sports editor of a daily newspaper. He would tell you that “the History Department taught me to look beyond the obvious answer for more complete ideas and concepts. That practice of questioning — along with a host of research skills and the focus on writing that underlay everything we did in the History Department, informs my work at a newspaper every day.”

Additionally, our language department has a program called “Languages Across the Curriculum.” This program allows students with high intermediate to advanced competency to integrate foreign language to their study of disciplines commonly taught in English. How cool is that?

And lastly, I think the true embodiment of CTM in our academic program manifests itself int he self-determined major. So, say you can’t find the right amount of creativity in a program already on campus, we allow you to create your own while working with faculty and advisors. From combining art and biology ( like Courtney Mattison ’08: to using exercise science to guide public health policy (like Johane Simelane ’13:, there is something for everyone!

I hope this answer helped, it certainly made me think!

What’s makes Skidmore the best choice for majoring in neuroscience?

Hi there,

This is an excellent question and I’m so excited to answer it!

First of all, let me say that neuroscience is one of the fastest growing majors here at Skidmore. We have an excellent commitment to the sciences and world-renowned faculty. For instance, Professor Flip Phillips was an integral part of Pixar’s (yes, that Pixar) animation team from the very beginning, he is doing amazing things with 3D perceptions and the brain here at Skidmore.

Additionally, I will tell you that even though you’re thinking about neuroscience now, Skidmore is the perfect place to explore different avenues. Studying science at a liberal arts school like Skidmore gives you the opportunity to build a strong foundation in other interests and passions while simultaneously pursuing neuroscience.

And lastly, I will tell you that the neuroscience program at Skidmore employs cross-disciplinary techniques that allow students to collaborate with faculty in biology and psychology and a wide variety of other departments. This program is well suited for students who wish to pursue a career in research as well as in a variety of health related fields.

You can find out more information about the neuroscience program here: and if you are interested in speaking with a neuroscience student, please e-mail me at and I will connect you with someone.

Thanks for the excellent question, I hope my answer helped!

Did I get to your question? If not, ask me!


i paid the enrollment deposit online. do i also have to send in an enrollment form? how do i obtain a form if i don’t have one?

Hi there,

Yes – we do still need the form. You can go to this page: and fill in the student ID supplied in your acceptance letter.

Thanks and congrats!

Online Community Manager

Ask us a question about Skidmore!

Every time I have been to Skidmore I have heard of the place called Falstaff’s but have never seen it. What is it?

Ah, the mysterious and elusive Falstaff’s.

Just kidding, it isn’t really that mysterious or elusive. Falstaff’s is the Skidmore social pavilion on campus managed and funded by the SGA. This facility is directed by an operating committee consisting of students and staff. Throughout the semester there are often coffeehouse nights, DJs and bands, dances, receptions and leadership retreats at Falstaff’s.

As far as the location, you can check it out on the campus map:

Hope that helps!

Online Community Manager

Ask us a question about Skidmore!

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