I’m Assistant Professor of Sociology at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I teach courses on mass media, political sociology, sociology of sport, as well as research methods and social statistics. Most of my research focuses on how the state, the market, and civil society shape the forms of journalism available to the public (see my curriculum vitae). Most recently, I have been exploring how new digital news sites may be reshaping journalism.

I’m also editor of the Trends section of Contexts magazine and have written a number of articles for public outreach outlets including Contexts and The Society Pages.

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Office: 220 Tisch
Phone: (518) 580-5446

  • For perspective, NBA fans ought to look to European soccer leagues where the top teams are more permanent.
  • This is incorrect. A mere 5 years ago, Lakers, Heat, and Mavs were top contenders. La Liga dominance is forever.
  • The first name that came to mind was Clint Mathis. Twellman, Mastroeni, Ricardo Clark. Juan Pabol…
  • Good list of legends by . However, makes me want to draw up a list of non-legendary players I loved.
  • The process made that clear. There is a conservative vision for healthcare (not one I agree with), but the AHCA ain't it.

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