I’m an Associate Professor of Sociology at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY. I teach courses on mass media, political sociology, sociology of sport, and social statistics. My research interests include how media, sport, and politics intersect (see my curriculum vitae). My outreach projects include serving as Trends Editor of Contexts (2014-2017), writing for public outreach sites like Contexts and TheSocietyPages.Org, and collaborating on a census of Saratoga Springs’ homeless population with Shelters of Saratoga.

With Stephen Barnard (St. Lawrence University), I am the author of All Media Are Social (2020), an introduction to media sociology for students and general readers alike. From TV to smartphone apps to movies to newspapers, mass media are nearly omnipresent in contemporary life and act as a powerful social institution. In this introduction to media sociology, Lindner and Barnard encourage readers to think critically about the power of big media companies, state-media relations, new developments in journalism, representations of race, class, gender, and sexuality in media, and what social media may or may not be doing to our brains, among other topics. Each chapter explores pressing questions about media by carefully excavating the results of classic and contemporary social scientific studies. The authors bring these findings to life with anecdotes and examples ripped from headlines and social media newsfeeds. By synthesizing research on new media and traditional media, entertainment media and news, quantitative and qualitative studies, All Media Are Social offers a succinct and accessibly-written analysis of both enduring patterns and some of the newest developments in mass media. With strong emphases on theory and methods, Lindner and Barnard provide students and general readers alike with the tools to better understand the ever-changing media landscape. Order a copy today!

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Office: 220 Tisch
Phone: (518) 580-5446

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