I’m an Associate Professor of Sociology at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY where I teach courses on mass media, political sociology, sociology of sport, and social statistics. My research interests include how media, sport, and politics intersect (see my curriculum vitae). With Stephen Barnard (St. Lawrence University), I’m the author of All Media Are Social (2020), an introduction to media sociology for students and general readers alike. I have previously served as the Trends Editor of Contexts and as the Chair of the Communication, Information, Technology, and Media Sociology (CITAMS) section of the American Sociological Association (ASA).


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Office: 220 Tisch
Phone: (518) 580-5446

  • Sounds like 10 one hour writing sessions to me. It’s just a bunch of small parts. You can do it.
  • Since asked, I did the math. I expect to teach approximately 6,500 more class sessions before retirement. Looking forward to it!
  • Go, Kup! It's not just any sociology major who can knock down 50% from 3 point-range.
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