There’s nothing better than having students who are altogether more impressive than yourself. I have many such students and near the top is Ryan Larson, a current University of Minnesota grad student and a former student of mine at Concordia College. Ryan was the first runner-up for the Best Undergraduate Paper at the 2014 Midwest Sociology Society Meeting for his senior thesis at Concordia College. He was a co-author of mine on a recent paper on media bias and college basketball and another paper under review. And, as I like to note whenever possible, he is plays a mean jazz saxophone on the side.

Last week, I posted a quick analysis of the potentially changing relationship between big money and wins in the English Premier League. In text exchange, Ryan immediately suggested that I run a follow-up outlier analysis (my Skidmore colleague, Bob Turner, suggested much the same on Facebook). Facing a busy week, I responded, “you do it.”

And so he did. Here’s the pdf from his R markdown and here’s a version of it over at ThickCulture. Like any good student, he more or less validates his kindly old professor’s original point. (I’m hoping he’ll intellectually throw me under the bus some day, but it wouldn’t be very Minnesotan of him).

Check out Ryan’s post and keep your eye on this guy.

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