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Working Papers

Lindner, Andrew M. and Tongtian Xiao. 2017. “When the Public Seeks Anonymity Online: How News, Industry, and Socio-Political Conditions Shape Interest in the Tor Anonymity Network, 2006-2015.”

Lindner, Andrew M. 2018. “Measuring Public Opinion in U.S. Metro Areas, 2006-2016.” [Data and code].


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Lindner, Andrew M. 2016. “Editorial Gatekeeping in Citizen Journalism.” New Media & Society. [Pre-print version].

Hawkins, Daniel N., Andrew M. Lindner, Ryan Larson, and Jonathan Santo. 2015. “Overrating Bruins, Underrating Badgers: Media, Bias, and College Basketball.” Journal of Sports Management and Commercialization 6(3):11-26[Pre-print version].

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Lindner, Andrew M. 2009. “Among The Troops: Seeing the Iraq War Through Three Journalistic Vantage Points.” Social Problems 56(1):21-48.
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Other Works

Lindner, Andrew M. and Ryan P. Larson. 2018. “Regression and Regression Analysis.” In The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology

Lindner, Andrew M. 2017. “Attention for Sale.” Contexts 16(2):60-61.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2016. Review of The United States of Excess: Gluttony and the Dark Side of American Exceptionalism, by Robert PaarlbergContemporary Sociology 45(4):490-492.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2015. “Television news could benefit from additional context.” Albany Times-Union, April 30.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2014. “Culture wars have a new turf.” Albany Times-Union, July 13.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2012. “Calculating Obama’s Chances.” The Society Pages, Sept. 10.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2010. “Empire of the Games: A Review Essay” Contexts 9(4):77.

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Lindner, Andrew M. 2009. Review of Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives by Todd Gitlin. Contemporary Sociology 38(1):24-25.

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