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Working Papers

Lindner, Andrew M. and Ryan Larson P. “The Expansion and Contraction of the Journalistic Field and American Online Citizen Journalism, 2000-2012.”

Lindner, Andrew M. and Ziggy Schulting. “How Movies with a Female Presence Fare with Critics.”

Startup News

Good journalism is essential for making democracy work. There are certainly any number of troubling patterns in contemporary journalism and especially in the local TV news which serves as the primary source of information for a plurality of Americans. But we’re also living in an era where exciting new forms of journalism are emerging both on and offline. I’m interested in exploring what these types of journalism might have to offer to a democratic society and whether they’re viable (i.e., if they build it, will some audience come?). For the past few years, working with some incredible students, I’ve been exploring the promise and limitations of citizen journalism (some of that work here and here). In the past year, I’ve started to get interested in something new …

I call it startup news, but others call it “entrepreneurial journalism” or digital native news sites. These startup news sites – including Vox, FiveThirtyEight, The Intercept, ProPublica, the Marshall Project, Blendle, etc. – tend to be steeped in a broader culture of startup firms and are often launched with manifestos hailing their resistance to the routines and assumptions of “legacy media.” In the past few years, venture capital has furnished $300 million to over 400 news startups and Pew Research Center estimates that such sites have hired more than 5,000 media workers. Yet, we know little about the larger population of startup news sites. What types of sites exist? What do they cover? Who works there (and who is excluded)? Can they offer some of forms of news coverage missing in legacy media? Starting in summer 2016, I’m beginning a quantitative data collection process to begin to answer some of these questions.


Previous Work



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Other Essays

Lindner, Andrew M. 2015. “Television news could benefit from additional context.” Albany Times-Union, April 30.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2014. “Culture wars have a new turf.” Albany Times-Union, July 13.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2012. “Calculating Obama’s Chances.” The Society Pages, Sept. 10.

Book Reviews

Lindner, Andrew M. 2016. Review of The United States of Excess: Gluttony and the Dark Side of American Exceptionalism, by Robert PaarlbergContemporary Sociology 45(4):490-492.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2010. “Empire of the Games: A Review Essay” Contexts 9(4):77.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2009. “The War Society: A Review Essay.” Contexts 8(4):74-76.

Lindner, Andrew M. 2009. Review of Media Unlimited: How the Torrent of Images and Sounds Overwhelms Our Lives by Todd Gitlin. Contemporary Sociology 38(1):24-25.

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