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Why did you choose Skidmore?

I thought it would be a cool idea to start a few video series. The first one being on the question “Why did you choose Skidmore?”

So every so often I will collect video responses from students on campus, make a video, and upload it. Here is the first of this series. Some people I totally threw off guard so excuse their awkwardness.

Enjoy 🙂


You Asked: Hey, I am wondering how are the pre-professional clubs on campus? For example, do you know of any Pre-Med/Pre-Law clubs on campus that can help students who are pursuing careers in those fields? Thank you

As far that I know we have a Pre- Law club. It actually is new; just got chartered by the Student Government Association and will be up and running next semester.
For students interested in Pre- Med and such we do not have a major. However, we do have a focus. Skidmore has HPAC, the Health Professions Advisory Committee, which assists students interested in pursuing medicine in the future. They will advise students on which courses to take in preparation for Medical, Dental, or Veterinary Schools. I think about 70-70% of the students at Skidmore who are studying Chemistry and or Biology go on to Med school. This statistic is equal or better than that of the top liberal arts school in the country.
Don’t bee fooled. A liberal arts education is still a great way to go even when interested in Medicine.

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You Asked: How difficult is it to be admitted into Skidmore?

Skidmore College is a selective school. It is by no means “easy” to be admitted neither is it “easy” to do well as a student. What is great about the admissions process at Skidmore is that each student’s application is looked at as a whole; all parts are taken into consideration regardless of test scores or any other aspect of the application.

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All- Nighter

All- nighter a period from night to day which involves all work and no sleep. All- nighters often involve many cups of coffee and or energy drinks. They are often pulled prior to the day a major assignment is due or an exam is scheduled and often are a sign the individual taking part in the all- nighter has an unmanageabale schedule or is much too good at procrastinating. Most all- nighter end like this:


Last night I pulled my first all- nighter of the semester. Fortunately, I did not end up like the girl above (she forgot coffee). I use to pull all- nighters often sometime around my freshman and sophomore years not because I procrastinated but because I am always way busy. So busy that my days then and now tend to end around 10p which is when the homework begins. I am not the only one. Many students at Skidmore have so much on their plate, by choice. So one is never alone staying up all night.

This semester on top of having a full time schedule I am working three campus jobs and I baby sit off campus here and there and I am a director for the Ujima Fashion Show. I promise I am not complaining. I like being busy. I feel like I make better use of time when I am busy. Last night I stood up all night to get ahead of my work as oppose to catching up. I want to make sure I have all my reading done this week and get an early start on a big assignment due next week Tuesday. I surprisingly do not feel too bad right now but I am sure I’ll pass out as soon as I see anything that even resembles a bed.

Staying awake at work

You Asked: I heard the dining hall at Skidmore is really good. is this true? Do you like the food?

I LOVE THE DINING HALL (ascetically) and THE FOOD. The dining hall has such great food. There are not many campus dining halls where you can find meals like sushi, duck, shrimp, and lamb being served. The Skidmore College Dining Services is so good at making meals new and exciting every day and there are always so many options including vegan and vegetarian options.

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You Asked: Is there a strong competitive atmosphere at Skidmore? I went to a H.S where everyone wanted to know how everyone else did on an exam or assignment. It was uncomfortable.

Skidmore College is an academically rigorous campus. Getting accepted is a challenge as well as staying afloat when a student here. However, I do not consider Skidmore a competitive school. In other words there isn’t a cut throat atmosphere, students are not choking each other in hopes of killing the competition. It is much more common to see students assisting each other inside and outside of the classroom. This sense of community makes for a much more comfortable environment.

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Another thing to love about Skidmore: the beauty of the campus. This campus looks absolutely beautiful year round. The campus has a lot of open space and green which makes it a perfect canvas for every season.

Winter covers the campus in a blanket of white. Students sculpting 6 foot tall snow people is a pleasure to see. Facilities is always really good about clearing the path ways and no worries about the cold and/ or snow, nearly the entire campus is covered and many of the academic buildings are connected.

Spring/ Summer means flowers every where. Whoever is in charge of the outdoor landscaping deserves to be awarded. All kinds of flowers tempt visitors to stop and take a sniff and maybe pluck one for an accessory. Students never fail to take advantage of their free time to lay out in the sun or play a few out door sports.

Fiery reds, warm oranges, and vibrant yellows are a sight during the Fall. I think Fall is my favorite, until Spring arrives.

Here is what the campus looks like now. I wish I had a cooler camera so I could do justice to the campus.

Just Another Saturday Night

Before I dove into masssive amounts of homework and post- graduate planning last night I attended two events on campus. I love discussing on-campus events because I know a concern for many prospective students is the availability of campus events that do not involve solo cups and music that’ll make your ears bleed.

Last night two students of the dance department choreographed a piece each for their independent study.  These pieces involved about 5 dancers each and were formed in The Tang‘s Pane Room*. Each piece was about 15 minutes long and blew my mind in the most interesting ways. When watching modern pieces, I must say, I sometimes think “what in the world is going on?”, “what is this supposed to mean?”.  It takes some times before I can remind myself to stop over thinking the piece and to just enjoy the work. All in all both of the pieces were quite beautiful. I made a mental note to make sure to attend more dance performnces. And I am sure there will be a few in the future. It’s fun to think that though I lack talent in the arts, there are heaps of ways in which I can enjoy the arts on this campus and reap the benifits of living on a campus that is so diverse in the interests and passions of the student body.

Below are some pictures and a short video of the piece choreographed by Emily Pacillio’12. Sorry my camera is not fancy.


Choreographers Emily Pacilio'12 and Sabrina Lumbert'12

Sabrina's Piece


More by Sabrina


After the dance performance I made my way over to Gannett*. Here Skidomedy, one of the campus comedy groups was performing. Skidomedy is a sketch comedy group. This performance lasted no more than an hour. From beginning to end I was laughing out loud. I loved it; I had so much fun. Talking about a comedy performance never does any justice to how funny the material actually is. I also am awful at retelling stoies so I know I will do no justice to their show. T’is why I recorded some of the show. The first video is of the group’s introduction skit. The second is what I would call “Kid Bruce Wayne”.




Like what you see? Check out more by Skidomedy.

*The Tang Teaching Museum is a museum like any other that holds professional art work (about 6 major exhibits per year). It is cosidered a teaching museum becuase of the co- collabartive work that goes on inside the museum and because the museum also has multimedia class rooms. The Tang’s Pane room is often used for fancy dinners, performances, or small exhibits. The Tang roof is a performance space. Every Friday of the summer a different band plays on the roof of the Tang.

*Gannett is an Auditorium located in one of the academic buildings. It is used for some large courses which is rare because we have such few large course; only one percent of the courses at Skidmore College have 50 students or more. Gannett is also used for guest speakers, and performance groups on campus such as the comedy groups and a-capella groups.

You Asked: Does Skidmore have intramural sports?

Skidmore has both intramural sports and club sports. Both of which are heaps of fun. All the fun and excitment of being on a sports team without the long distance traveling and pressure of being an all star. Some of these sports include volleyball, raquetball, basketball, softball, tennis, and football. Joining an intramurals sports team is actually really popular on our campus. Students who join get really into the game, making uniforms and inviting friends to watch. I have played intramurals tennis and had a great time and I have only seen and heard great things from other intramural sports teams.
Joining an intramural sport is something I would totally recommend. Its fun and a great way to meet people.

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