Family, Friend Chicken, and Arrested Development

I completely forgot to post about my weekend. Here are a few high lights.

I think I may have said this already but my family was unable to make it for Celebration Weekend. I was not too upset but I did frown once or twice when seeing parents everywhere, even in town. As I was doing homework in Uncommon Grounds* I received a text from Amber Butcher’ 12: “Dinner with family 630p. Meet at Hattie’s”. Of course I got excited. Hattie’s is a Southern restaurant in Saratoga Springs. Hattie’s is where you can find the best friend chicken you will ever sink your teeth into. The restaurant also won a throw down against Iron Chef Bobby Fley. Anyways as I was having dinner I had one of those feelings where time seems to slow down for all the right reasons. I was apart of the Butcher family and was so grateful for it. The frown I had for not having family visit was washed away with good laughs over southern cuisine.

I am sure heaps of my friends would have done the same with their families.

The point being through Skidmore I have gained more family than one could imagine.

One other awesome thing. One of my favorite shows is Arrested Development. Apparently I am not the only one. I attended an AD themed party on campus. So many people dressed up: CTM !!

"Hey, Brother!!" - Tucker Costello' 12 as Buster

Seriously, how long did this take ?!

*Uncommon Grounds is a really popular coffee shop located in the center of town; right on Broadway. UG is definitely a favorite. I am really into the dim lighting and art. UG also has free wireless and amazing honey walnut cream cheese. My only complaint: I smell like bagels every time I come out of there.

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