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THE HUNT: A scavenger hunt organized by the outing club. The outing club is one of the, if not the, largest club on campus. They organize weekly outing trips every weekend including rock climbing, snow boarding, and camping. What’s great is that if you do not have any of the equipment for a trip you are more than welcome to email the club list to find someone who does and is willing to lend you the equipment. Club members can also pick and choose which trips they’d like to attend. So like I was saying, this club organizes a scavenger hunt. Forty teams of five pay a small fee to sign up, of which I am sure goes to charity and are given a list, two pages long with tasks to compete. Sometimes the tasks are really obscure  and teams are expected to be as creative as possible. Well, the only way to win is to be extremely creative. As many teams do, my team made uniforms. We were the “Sailor Scouts” so we dressed like sailor moon characters. I was Sailor Jupiter. We also choreographed a dance routine to two original songs. This event goes on for an entire day. Some of the tasks are time sensitive. One of which stated participants had to behave like velociraptors on a street corner in town at exactly 6:17 pm. The sight of about 100+ students on a street corner behaving raptor like was too funny. The sailor scouts also flash mobbed inside a local Stewarts.  Unfortunately, the sailor scouts did not win but we had a hell of a time and that’s all that matters. Later that night we just continued the fun at a post- Hunt dance party.

The Sailor Scouts

The 21 Club

Guessing this team's costume was a onesy


Formspring (and you?) asked: Special Dietary Needs

Great question FormSpring! I do not have a special diet but if YOU do, do not worry! Skidmore’s dining services accommodates special diets. The great people at dining services will work directly with you to discuss which meals are okay to eat based on your special diet and or allergies; meals can be pre- made separately. The dining hall has a food preparation area dedicated to students with special dietary needs and or food allergies.
Everyone gets to om nom nom at Skidmore!

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$$ How much are we talking here? $$


Skidmore College is expensive. Then again the cost of just about any private college education is expensive but what you get in return is worth the investment and we are talking big time investments here. Paying for college is investing in your education and future.

The cost per year to attend Skidmore is $56, 400. This sum includes estimates for books, personal expenses, and travel. I am guessing your jaw just dropped because even I know that is a whole lot of money. Let’s be serious here not many can actually just sign a check every year as if it were no big deal; Skidmore understands this. One of the things that is great about Skidmore is how amazing they are with financial assistance. There is no way I would have been able to attend Skidmroe if it were not for the financial help I have received. More than half of the student body receives some form of financial assistance. Skidmore College offers aid packages anywhere from $2,000 to a full packaged deal of $56,000. These packages are need based, in other words each student’s financial situation is reviewed. Based on their individual situation a package is created.

Skidmore College offers two merit- based scholarships (none for the athletics). The Porter Presidential Scholarships in Science and Mathematics ($15,000/yr) are awarded to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievement in science and/or math. The Filene Music Scholarships ($12,000/yr) are awarded who demonstrate outstanding musical talent. To be considered for these scholarships is as easy as checking a box when applying.

Everyone is encouraged to apply for financial aid. Skidmore also offers a number of loan and payment options. Something that I personally find very helpful is having a job. There are so many employment opportunities on campus there is no excuse not to have a job. You can work anywhere from the dining hall to admissions, you can even work for a department or any office on campus. Students who qualify for work study are required to work in the dining hall their first year. After the first year they may work wherever they’d like. Having the extra cash is so worth the 2-9 hour work week. Working on campus can also be a lot of fun. It is an additional way to meet people and you also get the opportunity to learn more about the faculty and staff members on campus. There are also great employment opportunities in town.

If it were not for the package Skidmore offered I really do not know what I would have done. And I would like to add everyone at the Financial Aid office is great. The staff is so friendly and extremely helpful. Every year I feel like I aske the same questions and somehow they all keep their patience.

Here is the link to the FA office.

Hope that helps !

Family, Friend Chicken, and Arrested Development

I completely forgot to post about my weekend. Here are a few high lights.

I think I may have said this already but my family was unable to make it for Celebration Weekend. I was not too upset but I did frown once or twice when seeing parents everywhere, even in town. As I was doing homework in Uncommon Grounds* I received a text from Amber Butcher’ 12: “Dinner with family 630p. Meet at Hattie’s”. Of course I got excited. Hattie’s is a Southern restaurant in Saratoga Springs. Hattie’s is where you can find the best friend chicken you will ever sink your teeth into. The restaurant also won a throw down against Iron Chef Bobby Fley. Anyways as I was having dinner I had one of those feelings where time seems to slow down for all the right reasons. I was apart of the Butcher family and was so grateful for it. The frown I had for not having family visit was washed away with good laughs over southern cuisine.

I am sure heaps of my friends would have done the same with their families.

The point being through Skidmore I have gained more family than one could imagine.

One other awesome thing. One of my favorite shows is Arrested Development. Apparently I am not the only one. I attended an AD themed party on campus. So many people dressed up: CTM !!

"Hey, Brother!!" - Tucker Costello' 12 as Buster

Seriously, how long did this take ?!

*Uncommon Grounds is a really popular coffee shop located in the center of town; right on Broadway. UG is definitely a favorite. I am really into the dim lighting and art. UG also has free wireless and amazing honey walnut cream cheese. My only complaint: I smell like bagels every time I come out of there.

Wait, so this doesn’t last forever?

As I have mentioned it is Celebration Weekend. I loved that I had the opportunity to see some of my friends who just graduated. The class of 2011 is very dear to me. So many friends of mine graduated last semester. So much that in a way I thought I was a senior. I was talking to Odemaris Alicea’ 11 last night. I told her how it was so strange coming back to campus this semester without a bunch of my good friends here. I explained how it was just such a reality check. I think in so many ways I thought this would last forever. That I would be in this amazing place with all these amazing friends so close by, forever; the fun, laughs, learning would go on forever. And then 2011 rolled by before I even knew it and so many of my friends had to go graduate and go do stuff: change the world, make money, become apart of new communities, and see the real world. No longer will I walk 3 minutes to see them, instead I will drive hundreds of miles, and for some the closest I can be is a skype session or a phone call where virtual hugs replace loving arms. I no longer walk to class and see these faces in passing as I run late for class, yelling “call me later, lets get together”. And I am not in any way saying I do not still have great friends here. I do. What I am trying to say is that because I had so many friends who just graduated, and that I no longer see I realized more than ever that my Skidmore experience will not last forever. That I too will soon go out to save and see the world, hopefully make some money too!

WOW. That’s deep. I am sure this is not the last of my epiphanies. It is all apart of being a senior.

But since I am discussing friends of the class of 2011 I will talk about Erin Donnellan, who I just finished skyping !! – A great start to my morning. Erin was one of my closest friends at Skidmore. I wish more than ever that she could have visited this weekend but that is impossible. Erin is in the Peace Corps in Senegal, Africa. Cool, huh? I know !  Cool, yes, but so far ! 🙁  As much as I miss her I am so happy for her and so glad to hear that she is enjoying her work. I love seeing pictures of Erin on FB, her gorgeous face tanned form hours in the sun giving a huge smile from good times. I am sure Senegal is great but I can not wait till we can have her back state side.

Want to know more about what Erin is doing? Check out her blog.

Below are some pictures Erin posted.

Celebration Weekend: Alumni, Friends, and Parents of Skidmore

I walk into Case Center* and everywhere I look there is a couple sitting at a table, both reading the newspaper as they would at the kitchen table, and looking a little too old to be Skidmore students. And then I realized it is CELEBRATION WEEKEND. Alumni, parents and friends of Skidmore College visit the campus for this weekend. Numerous events are organized just for fun. These events include tours, a movie night, sports games, a 5-Run- Walk, and an “Under the Big Top” ** Show. Unfortunately my mom could not visit this year but this weekend still puts a smile on my face. It’s always so sweet to see students holding their parent’s arm, walking across campus pointing to different buildings as they tell stories. I recognize the excitement in everyones face. Every time I have someone visit I give them a tour. I love sharing this place, that makes me so happy with others who care to listen. I also enjoy meeting my friends’ parents; To see where their funny mannerisms come from.

Skidmore’s first Career Jam of the year is also being hosted today. A total of about 40+ parents and alumni offer their time to the campus to speak with students about their specific career paths. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to network and receive some wise words. Career Jam is a very popular event especially among the juniors and seniors on campus. Students dress up, print multiple copies of their resumes ready to give firm handshakes and make small talk with professionals. This is a genius event organized by Career Services. I actually have to go home, change, and head there now !


*Case Center is what I consider the center of campus. Its is the Student Center or Student union. During the day Case is pretty busy with students catching up, grabbing their third refill of coffee, or possibly making some last touches to their homework assignment.

**”Under the Big Top” is a performance held every Celebration Weekend where all performance groups on campus…well, perform.

You asked: I consider myself pretty conservative, but don’t want to miss out on the "college experience," are there opportunities at skidmore to have fun and meet people who do not have sex, drink, do drugs etc?

I must start by saying this is a great question and a concern for much more students during their college search than people may think.
The answer is yes, there are so many opportunities at Skidmore College to meet people that do not involve sex, drugs, and alcohol. The social scene at Skidmore College is not in any way overwhelmed by parties, sex, drugs or alcohol and I think it’s because there is so much to do on our campus, so many clubs to join and events to attend. Skidmore has over 100 clubs and organizations that organize over 3500 events per year. None of the clubs/ organizations on our campus are binding. So you are more than welcome to join the email list but attend as many or as few events as you’d like. And you can join as many email lists as you’d like. Joining the email lists and attending events of numerous clubs is a great way to meet people. The events organized by clubs/ organizations range from community service to lectures, to dinner events, performances, and film screenings (The list does not end there). None of which include sex, drugs, or alcohol.
Other ways to meet people include joining an intramurals teem and attending your dormitories all hall events. There is always the classic sitting at a new table at the dining hall every time you eat. Everyone at Skidmore is really friendly. Throughout my years I also met people through jobs I worked. What I loved was that everywhere I went I could meet people from all walks of life.
I guess the message I am trying to get across is that there are many alternatives for fun and meeting people on our campus other than hooking up drinking and getting high. I am sure there is a chance that all of these do occur throughout the campus but because there is so much to do here such behavior does not dominate the social scene.

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* I must add, Skidmore College is a substance free campus. All dormitories are substance free. R.A’s, H.R’S, and campus safetly make rounds evey night throughout the campus to make sure students follow these rules. 21 year old students who liive in a house/ senior housing on campus are allowed to posess alcohol.

You asked: Hey, so I am wondering if you could help me with my college process. I am planning on majoring in government/political science. Are the readings in that department strenuous?

Skidmore College is an academically rigorous campus. So my guess is the work within that department is quite strenuous. If you have chosen that as a major its partly on the assumption that you enjoy the material. If you enjoy the material the work will not feel so bad.
Choose your major wisely.

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OKTOBERFEST: “Back to the Era of Oktoberfest”

This past weekend marked Skidmore’s annual Oktoberfest. A weekend of various just for fun events organized by the Interclass Council and the Senior Class Council. The schedule was as follows:

  • Oct. 6th: Karaoke Night (Spa) & Midnight Dodgeball (Case Green)
  • Oct. 7th: Oktoberfest (Case Green) & SEC’s TV on the Radio Concert (Gym)
  • Oct. 8th: Ironman Contest (Case Green) & Dancing with the Victorians: Semi-formal dance (Fallstaffs)
  • Oct. 9th: Dunkin Donuts Study Break (Case Center)

The Iron Man competition was my favorite. I participated but did not place 🙁 Sad times. Apparently I’m not the best at potato sack racing, pie eating, balloon tossing, football throwing, or wheel ball racing. Though not so bad at arm wrestling. Notice how I was lame at everything but one as task in the competition. Sounds like I need to step it up; some more gym time in my future?

P.S Completely unrelated- but I updated the “Tower, Banderboys, Pizza” post with a clip of the Bandersnatchers singing. Check it out !

Melissa '12 and Sergio ' 12 sing a duet during KaraokeThe Ref maks calls during midnight dodgeball

Tv on the Radio

Sammy '13 and Becca ' 13 dance it up during Tv on the Radio

Skylar ' 12 whips her hair back and forth for Tv on the Radio; Get it gurl !

Why not climb such as gorgeous tree while waiting for the Iron Man competition to start

Dj Carrnage pumps up the volume during the competition


Football toss

I decided to join some spectators for this photo



You asked: Hey Alta, What do you recommend for a student planning on going to law school. Should I major in Government or Economics?

It actually does not matter what you majored in when applying for Law School. Economics is encouraged because of the analytical skills attained, while Government courses will expose students to social issues in various societies/nations. Philosophy and English can help foster the writing skills needed to excel in Law school. There seems to be something to take away from all departments. I actually know of an Art major who was accepted to a number of Law schools.
Do not be afraid to take chances.

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