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New Plan.

So I am sure you all have gotten the idea that I have been thinking up a plan for what I will do after I graduate. When I started blogging I was somewhat sure that I would fly off to Australia immediately after accepting my diploma. I would’ve speant a year or two there learning more about myself and life and enjoying the sun, kangaroos, and koalas. Plans have changed. Who know if this will be the first time this happens. But as of now I decided I want to work in youth development directly after I graduate. I have been in touch with some awesome people with the help of my Skidmore connections and alumni network. Hopefully something comes of it. I hope to make a difference and develop a tighter grip on me and life and such and then from there I will apply to grad school….and maybe Australia for a year before that. An important thing I am learning is that it seems nearly impossible to make a “5 year plan”; life happens and thins change including yourself. Sometimes going with the flow a bit is okay.


Australia. During orientation. Such a cool photo. I couldn't help but share.


A Post Thanksgiving Post

Thanksgiving, a day dedicated entirely to giving thanks to all things we appreciate in this world, of course not assuming we don’t give thanks every day of the year; For eating unbelievable amounts of food, observing semi awkward encounters between family members who have not spoken since, well last Thanksgiving; For the exciting feeling you get at the sound of tin foil wrapping the left overs you are sure to eat for the next three days, MmMmMm turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches; and lets not forget, for the countdown to the dangerous but oh so worth it Black Friday sales.

Okay, so maybe I am a little late on talking about the giving thanks, food, business but whether or not I hit the nail on describing your family’s thanksgiving I do hope it was a splendid holiday. I love left overs so if you’d like to overnight a dish, send it to me at my Skidmore address, please and thank you!

And in the spirit of giving thanks I will list the things about Skidmore I am thankful for not in any particular order.

1. I love who I have become in the last few years and I am thankful for the friends who have helped me get here

2. Professors who let me sit in their office for hours until I ‘get it’

3. Courses that hit me upside the head and open my eyes to things I have never taken notice of before

4. Great om nom noms at the Dining Hall. What would life be like without Chicken Finger Friday, hmmm maybe a few pounds lighter

5. The opportunity to take whatever class I want

6. The pretty landscape

7. Window seats in every dormitory of which my best friend insisted on sleeping in when she visited

8. Not having to share  a bathroom with an entire floor when I lived in the dorms

9. Northwoods (junior/ senior houses located on campus). I love my beautiful apartment

10. The Spa (fast food eatery located in the student center), being open always right when I need it, for my 1am munchies

11. Financial Aid. Need I say more?

12. Summer Housing. Who doesn’t want to stick around for the summer and lose a few bucks at the race track

13. Alumni Network. Someone’s going to hire me

14. Student Employment. There was always the option of not being broke

15. The sports center. I’m still trying to work off that freshman fifteen. Its been three years

16. For Australia

17. For covered walkways and buildings that are connected

18. For never being bored because there is so much to do

19. Being located in the beautiful Saratoga Springs

20. For not being a cookie cutter campus

I can go on for a long time but talking about left overs earlier has me wanting some right now. I’m thinking I should head towards the fridge now. But I will end by saying, most of all, I am thankful for Skidmore giving me an experience of which I will forever look back on and think, college was amazing…. can I do it again ?! ….. no but really, how do I do it all again?!!

What happens before breaks…

I realized it has been too long since I have updated on the life I am living at Skidmore. Much has happened but before I even get into updates I first want to blame my lack of blogging on the intense amount of work I have had and the fact that break was approaching. Whenever a break is close by I, and I guess I am not the only one, make a frantic mess of myself. This frantic mess involves getting as much work done as possible wile fighting back the strong feelings of wanting to procrastinate because my body and mind decide they want to go on vacation a little early. So yes, I have been a hot mess the last few days. It feels really good to have a break, I think I really needed it. I do however, have tons of work to get done this break, so that somewhat ruins the fun but turkey will be put into my schedule somewhere so I can’t complain too much.

Here’s a little Thanksgiving fun from a favorite classic, A Christmas Story.



Favorites and Challenges. A question from a Zinchers.

I have been getting some really good questions from you awesome perspective students on my Zinch account. I thought it would be a good idea to post some of these questions every so often. Here goes a good one.

Please let me know about the campus life at Skidmore, your favorite things about it and challenges you had to face while adjusting to this college.

Hmm campus life. Is there anything in particular about the campus life you would like to know? Overall the campus dynamic is quiet vibrant. Students at Skidmore are happy and get a long well. They are also very diverse with multiple interests and passions. We all respect each other for our individuality and often learn from each other by bouncing ideas back and forth. Students work really hard but also know how to have a good time. This is an academically rigorous campus but not cut throat. Students help each other before a test, they don’t try and kill the competition.

My favorite thing about Skidmore is the diversity in interests and passions. This is in no way a cookie cutter school. Everyone is different and it shows. I think this has made my experience both rich and fun.
Most of the challenges I have faced have been in the classroom. Just about all the classes I have had have challenged the way I think about specific topics, leading me to see things in ways I have never seen before. the challenges were always rewarding.
The adjustment was not too harsh because everyone here is so welcoming and friendly.

I hope these answers help.

You Asked: Can students have jobs on campus?

Absolutely! There are so many jobs on campus. For instance, students can work at the dining hall, in any department on campus, for admissions, for the annual fund and the list goes on and on. Work study students are required to work in the dining hall their first year as a student, after the first year they can work any where else on campus. All students, work study or not, can work on campus. Most students apply for jobs online; the campus posts all positions available months before the semester begins. Skidmore also has available positions during the summer which is great because if you work on campus during the summer you can live on campus and who doesn’t want to be here for the summer ?!

One of the positions I have on campus is with admissions. I am a “Admissions Ambassador”. I give meet prospective families giving tours and greeting them as they enter the office.

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You Asked: What’s your favorite time of year?

I love Spring at Skidmore. When the weather is really nice out students sit or lay out on the grass; some are playing games or an instrument, maybe just having a quick chat. Some professors are even willing to have class out doors. And the campus always looks so beautiful with so much green and flowers everywhere.

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Last Registration

So earlier this week I registered for my classes for next semester. Let’s take a second to stop and think about this. I just registered for the last time ever at Skidmore. WOW!

Since I am a senior I had the first registration slot, 7am on Monday morning. Freshman year I set my alarm just so I could register on time for my 7am slot. This year I didn’t do that. I registered for 300 level courses and as a senior, with the first time slot I knew there was no way I would not get into the course I wanted. So I glanced at my degree audit which can be accessed on the Skidmore website. The degree audit is basically a review of what you have done at Skidmore and what you need to do as far as fulfilling general requirements and fulfilling requirements for majors and minors. Its cool seeing the check list go from red to green as you fulfill requirements. I realized all I pretty much had to do by this point was finish up my minor with one course. Not too bad. But there were some really good 300 level Psychology course I wanted to take so I may have created a heavier load for my self next semester than necessary. I could not take all the courses I wanted to because two courses I really wanted to take , Christian Scriptures and Clinical Psychology, conflicted. That does not happen often but since I added my minor last semester there are 200 and even 100 level course I want to take and those may conflict with some of the 300 level courses in my major that I want to take. Either way, I got into courses I know I will enjoy; Beginners Racquetball, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Adult Development, and Feminist Theologies. A total of 16 credits !!


I could not fit the entire degree audit on one page. But this is a sneak peak as to what it looks like. There are different sections on the check lists and you can have an extended look at each by clicking on it.


The red shows that I have not completed 120 credits(for all 4 yrs yrs) And I need to take at least 12 credits worth of 300 level course in all of my senior yr.


Mediation Training!

This past weekend while most people were catching up on overdue homework, friends, and sleep I was in mediation training. Meditation Training is a one credit, 30- hour training, split in to two weekends, eight hours per day. Yes, eight hours (10am- 6pm) of learning effective conflict resolution skills. The first day, Saturday, was long. I mean, very long. I think I may have put too much thought into the eight hours bit. Once I got over it time flew. Take a peek at the course description.

ID 141.    Mediation Training    1
Mediation is a conflict resolution process that is used in close cooperation with the courts. Cases such as small claims court disputes and parent/teen conflicts are often referred by the courts to mediation by trained volunteers. The mediation training is a partnership with Mediation Matters, a nonprofit agency in Saratoga Springs that provides mediation services and receives its funding from the New York court system. This training will certify students as volunteers enabling them to mediate campus disputes through our own peer mediation program as well as cases referred to Mediation Matters by the courts. This is an intensive 30-hour training using film clips, role plays, readings, and discussion that focuses on building facilitation skills.

D. Karp

I am sure the thought of having to be in the same room with 30 people for eight hours straight, four days, may turn people away but I am so glad I did not shy away. Many of the students take the course because they would like to mediate for Fight Club, a conflict resolution/ mediation group on campus. I decided to take the course because my post- college plans involve counseling, I also thought “state certified mediator?, well that sounds super cool!” So I get that often times there is an end goal to taking the course but the skills learned in the course I just really great to have for well, life. I kind of feel like once I am done with the course I am going to feel a bit like super woman wanting to resolve all of my friends minor disputes “Let me see if I get what you are saying, so you are upset because she ate your last box of cheesy mac, and you think he is a jerk because he leaves his socks in the living room?” So maybe I will make the relationships around me flow better but what I look forward to most is being able to use these skills when working with at- risk youth; disputes between troubled teens, or between parents and teens. And I know that a 30 hour training is not all, this stuff truly takes years of practice; of listening mediating what can be some pretty intense and emotionally draining disputes. Listening to Duke Fisher and David Karp share some of the disputes they have dealt with in the past, I would stop and think how I could hardly imagine being in a room with two people that upset at each other. But I would like to get to that point.

I am really looking forward to the next/ last two days of training. I will keep you posted on how they go !


P.S So upset I could not get into the Life Guard and CPR training course. I could have been a mediating life guard!

You Asked: I remember hearing about a freshman seminar. Can you tell me more about it?

Every student is required to take a freshman seminar. Prior to coming to Skidmore, everyone submits their top choices for freshman seminars they would like to take. Students often time get a seminar that was amongst their top three choices. The classes are often no more than 15 students. There are many sections taught by professors from all departments. The professors teaching the seminars are teaching the course on a topic they themselves are passionate about, so the seminar can be a lot of fun for professors as well. All courses are given a summer reading. I feel like the freshman seminar is the course that helps each student develop into a college student, it helps to leave behind the high school mentality. The students within the course often times become good friends especially since all students in the same seminar section live in the same building; not necessarily the same suite, but they will all live in the same building. Which is cool because a solid set of 15 students develop a tight bond which can make things easier freshman year.
I really enjoyed my freshman seminar. I became friends with people I may have not otherwise and I the professor is also a great friend of mine. He and I catch up with coffee all the time.

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