A year ago from today…

A year ago from today I arrived at JFK airport. I was groggy, exhausted, and dressed much too lightly; flip flops, tights, and a Skidmore sweater did not suffice for the winter cold. I was extremely tanned, somewhat sun burned, and feeling fresh. I was in utter disbelief of the previous 5 months. I could not stop smiling as I thought back to priceless memories and waited for my friend to pick me up from the airport.

“Time sure does fly” “I hope we all forever stay in touch” “That was the best decision of my life” “I bet I’ll miss everything so much it’ll hurt” “When will I go back?”

These were all things that went through my mind.

A year ago from today I arrived at JFK airport, I had just flown in from a week long vacation in Fiji of which prior to that I was studying abroad in Australia. My time abroad felt like a dream, it was so surreal. I fell in love with the friends, the place, the everything. I wanted nothing more than for every moment abroad to last forever. The days counting down till I had to return pained me in every way but never so much that it blinded me from the great times I had in the present. For the first time ever I felt the feeling of wanting to be in two places at once; I loved and missed Skidmore and my skiddies, but I really did not want to leave my abroad experience. Even now, I still think about it and it has been over a year. I still love discussing my time and looking back at pictures. I still contact the friends I made there and laugh about the good times we had. Its all something I will never forget and hold dear to me for forever.

I thank Skidmore for giving me the gift of my abroad experience. I promise I am not the only person on this campus who feels this away. Many students study abroad, and many have the time of their life. I remember a friend once said “If it were not for Skidmore, I would not have even imagined going abroad”. Sixty- five percent of Skidmore students study abroad. It really is something the school encourages and takes pride in. Many students who never thought of going abroad , do because it is pretty much apart of the Skidmore experience. Students begin talking about it as early as their second semester freshman year. I myself, never imagined going abroad (did I mention going to Aus was the first time I ever flew?). It really was something I never thought of. It was definitely being a SkidStudent that influenced my decision to study abroad.





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