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The Red Room Gallery

When the average person has a free room in their apartment they find someone or something to fill it. And the average person will use the spare room for storage, an entertainment space, or a study. We believe in Creative Thought Matters. So when a few Skidmore students had a spare room they turned it into a gallery.  Located on Washington street, close to the center of town, The Red Room Gallery is a great idea come to life. I attended an opening this past weekend and was in love with every bit of this concept. I walk up to the last floor of this small apartment building and am greeted with delicious treats and wine. The apartment itself is spacious and very well decorated. I walk into the gallery, a small room at the far end of the apartment; I was surrounded by red walls and the wonderful work of Ashton Lecraw’ 12. Ashton’s submissions to the gallery, “Animal Behavior, Human Obsession” marked their third exhibit. The females who started this project are all Skidmore students but the space is not exclusive to Skidmore students. Submissions from local artists are also welcome. I was in awe of my friends talent but also in awe of the gallery in itself; just the idea of transforming something so simple to something that is so beautiful and celebrates the work of local artists.

Check out the Red Room Gallery blog.


Delicious- ness

Skylar Sasson' 12 expresses her excitment

Ashton Lecraw' 12

Clinical Interview and Report

I have said so much about Skidmore on this blog, yet I just realized that I have not said much on assignments that I have to complete or have been given. So I thought it would be nice to talk about one in particular that I find interesting this semester. This particular assignment is not only interesting but also my first big assignment of the semester. It is a Clinical Interview for my …. you guessed it !! Clinical Psychology course.

In the class we have been discussing methods and skills necessary for conducting clinical interviews, the appropriate relationships that a therapist/ psychologist can have with their client, the kind of information that is okay to keep completely confidential and that which is necessary to share with someone else. Now Professor Rye, who wears the best knitted sweaters I have ever seen, wants the class to practice everything we have learned in a mock clinical interview. I guess anything more real in practice than this would be talking to a real client. But I’m sure we can agree that there are ethical issues involved with that idea. Rye organized for us to each be assigned to a student from his Abnormal Psychology course. These students will be our “play” clients whom we would be meeting for the first time. I made sure to say for the first time because all the introductory aspects of the interview are expected. This includes the ‘Hi, I am..”, “Everything here remains confidential..”, “Now tell me what brings you in…”. The interview has to be recorded and the “best” 6 minutes of it will be presented to the class. Our grade also depends on the review form the “client” completes about our interviewing skills.

I just finished contacting my “client” about when is best to meet for our interview. I still have not decided where to do the interview. But I am so thinking by one of the fire places of the atrium in the Dining Hall.

My Last Schedule.

I can not believe I actually forgot to post what my weeks look like this semester.

But before I post my schedule, I must say I was hoping that my last semester of college would be a light one. Unfortunately when I was abroad I took a course in African Drumming and Dancing. The class was great but I was never aware that I was in the wrong section of the course which did not give me credit. So in order to make up for the lost credits I was forced to take on a full 16 credits this semester. These kinds of mix ups often do not cause too much of a problem but for me it kind of did since I added my minor pretty late the 200- level classes I wanted to take conflicted with my 300- level courses. In the end I was left with an interesting course load but less religion courses than I would have liked and more psychology courses that I expected having.



1:25- 2:20pm Racquet Ball

4:00- 5:20pm Adult Development

6:30- 9:00 Work- Annual Fund



12:40- 2:00pm Applied Psychology

3:40- 5:30pm Feminist Theologies



10:10-1130pm Clinical Psychology

1:25- 2:20pm Racquet Ball

4:00- 5: 20pm Adolescent Development

6:30- 9:00pm Work- Annual Fund



11:00- 12:30pm Work- Tour

12:40- 2:00pm Applied Psychology

3:40- 5:30pm Feminist Theologies



10:10- 11:00am Clinical Psychology

2:45pm- 4:30pm Work- Tour


* Babysitting for the Skidmore College Golf Coach occurs randomly throughout the week.

Big Green Scream

The Big Green Scream, an event held during the end of  the basketball season, is the biggest sports event of the school year. Students and locals often support Sidmore athletics teams but there never seems to be a sports event that can fill the stands like this one. The Big Green Scream is extremely fun. Sports events are always fun. Who doesn’t want to watch and support their friends as they put all their hard work on the court. The fun is oddly paired with sentimental moments as the seniors are honored for their dedication to the team in past years. The gym was decorated with the action shots of males and females who are soon to graduate; soon to leave their jersey and number behind on the Skidmore College campus. Each athlete was called up, center court, and greeted by their family as their photo was taken. For the last four years I have been attending basketball games, I have witnessed these athletes grow on the court. It was rewarding attending this event and seeing the athletes receive credit for being such great athletes- juggling school, work and sport. This like many other events during this time of the year is apart of a long process of the school year coming to a close. And for us seniors, college coming to an end.

The males basketball team, with family, center court.

A few words from the coach and the game against Union College begins. Our girls put up a good fight but unfortunately lost by a few points. Our males played a strong game all the way until the end. Up by 10 at one point, tied at another, and then back up again. The last time we played Union we lost on their court. I’m sure our males wanted to make up for that loss. Some highlights include a back to back block by freshman Connor Merrill and a beautiful dunk by senior Melvis Langyintuo; all contributing to what turned out to be a win. The Big Green Scream also offers chances to win sweet prizes including athletic wear, a flat screen television, and an I-pad. Winning prizes requires simple tasks such as asking questions pertaining to environmentally friendly facts and or completing a 3- point shot.

Ronald Solis' 12 attempts a free throw shot for a prize.

Olga Beltre' 12 and I watching the game closely

The Ujima Step team with some half time entertainment.

Up by 12 the game was over once we had possession with seconds left on the clock. The males playing exhanged hand shakes as signs of good sportsmanship and the Skidmore men made their way over to friends and family waiting in the audience.

I am hoping our males can bring all this energy to Wednesdays game.

Our graduating males. 

Garrett Bush

Kyle Clark

Melvis Langintyintuo


Brian Lowry


John Mantas


Gerard O'Shea


Raoul Oloa


Terron Victoria

Our graduating females.

Christina Gargisio

Megan Gaugler

Jessie Kavana

Hailee Minor


100 Days ’til Graduation

The days until graduation are winding down fast and I feel as if everything around me is a reminder of this. I am sure the world is not out to get the over emotional bits of me, I’m sure it’s just me but it’s somewhat fun to point this stuff out. Some of the reminders are completely random and others are not. Last Friday’s 100 Days ’til Graduation Semi- Formal is probably one of the least random reminders that graduation is around the corner. I mean, this is an annual event. The senior class committee every year rents out a fancy ball room located in town and charges $5 for tickets for senior students and $10 for dates. We, the senior class, clean up and for some its the cleanliest they have looked in months; some people have no time to lose on showers and looking good when there are thesis to get done. Well maybe the lack of showers in months is a bit much but you get where I am going with this. Either way it is always heaps of fun to see friends out of the usual flannel tops, Skidmore sweatshirts, and damaged jeans and in some bow ties, suits, pearls, and dresses.

99.9% of the senior class lives in the Northwoods village on campus so the senior class council organized to have two huge buses shuttle students to and from the event. I mean these were your everyday cheese buses right out of an episode of the Magic School Bus, made not so every day, filled to capacity with screaming over- excited and over- dressed seniors. So of course the party starts on the bus with a few laughs a few songs to scream at the top of our lungs. I found it interesting how this event looks and feels and of course just is so different now that I was experiencing it as a senior. Its more of a “this is my event” kind of feeling. Which is understandable, I just had to throw that thought in there since I have attended this event as a junior. The meaning behind it is not there as it is when you are a senior.

As we entered the venue some made their way toward the delicious treats …including a chocolate fountain. Wait, what?! Yes, a chocolate fountain. Others went toward the bar- 21 and over! Niether of those were my first move. I went for the dance floor. By the time I arrived there were enough people busting some serious moves on the dance floor, some already with heels in hand. The DJ was fantastic. Of course I do not take a dance break until I am in unbearable foot pain and that pattern goes on through out the night with a bit of getting chocolate wasted during my breaks and small talk with my well dressed friends. By the time the dance was over I was way too tired. I hopped on that Magic School Bus, skipped the stop on Caroline St. which is filled with more bars than one can imagine and made my way back to Northwoods straight into my bed.

Overall the dance was everything I needed it to be.

*More photos coming soon.

Caity and Kadeem

Photo is a must before exiting the house.

"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AYOOOO!"

You Asked: What is the atmosphere for LGBTQ students on campus? Are there many people who identify as such?

This campus is so unbelievably welcoming and accepting it should not come as a surprise that I would respond to this question by saying the atmosphere for LGBT students is one of comfort. I mean, could you really expect much else from a campus which offeres gender- neutral bathrooms in the academic buildings and a gender- neutral floor in one of the dormitories?
I would say most of the students apart of the LGBT community openly identify as so. The Skidmore Pride Alliance is a SGA club on campus dedicated to building awareness of LGBT related issues. Amongst many things, SPA holds weekly meetings, organizes events- two of which are amongst the biggest parties of the school year- open to everyone, it sure does feel like everyone attends, and offeres ally training.

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Filling in Blanks: Winter Break and Fashion Show.

It is still the beginning of my last semester at Skidmore. Sad times. I spent my winter break trying to rest, though not too much of that happened. During my breaks I usually work as a hostess at a Cuban Restaurant in Times Square- Havana Central Times Square. I was working 35 hr weeks. When I was not working I spent my time catching up with alumni. Because I have been at Skidmore / Saratoga for so long, I have recently been experiencing NYC a little different. By the time I left for Skidmore years back I was so over the over- the- top city pace. To the point where I longed to be back at Skidmore whenever I went to visit NYC. I realized now whenever I go back I spend a lot of my time with the awesome network I have developed since being at Skidmore. I am now re- experienicing NYC through my Skid- friends. And I now love NYC again and actually enjoy myself when I visit.

Co- directors, Nenesi Ibru and Xavier Hatten, and I walking during the credits.

When I returned to campus after winter break. I felt well rested and ready to tackle some unfinished business. One task being the Ujima Fashion Show. For several years, 22 to be exact, Ujima, the African- American and Carribbean Awareness group at Skidmore has organized a fashion show. The show is held during Black History Month. It is a fun event that shares information on Black History and helps develop a lasting relationship between the Saratoga Community and the campus. The event is public and local businesses participate in the show. I have been apart of this event since freshman year. This year was my second time directing as opposed to modeling. The directing process is definitely stressful and involves planning every little detail of the show. Directing the show most definitely tested my organizational skills, professionalism, and commitment. Despite the last minute running around the show was an absolute success. The process was fun but I am so glad it is over. No more daily phone calls to businesses, no more running practice, no more 3 hour meetings with my co- directors. The entire thing was surreal.


You Asked: Do you think double majoring is beneficial in Skidmore? Do you know of anyone double majoring with Economics being one of them?

I would not necessarily call double majoring beneficial but I will say it is very common. Not beneficial because its something that should be done by choice not because one feels they have to. If you are interested in more than one subject go for it. If not, don’t. Double majoring means you have less time to take electives and more required courses to take. Many Skidmore students double major, major and minor, or major and double minor. I think it’s because many of our students are passionate and interested in a number of areas. Skidmore encourages students to fulfill all passions and interests.

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You Asked: Hey, what are you planning on doing after you graduate with your psychology degree? Any ideas on where you will be living?

After graduation I would like to dive in to the real world and work for about a year or two. I want to dedicate my life to at- risk and troubled youth in academic settings. if things work out as planned I will be doing just that after Skidmore and then get my masters in clinical psychology. After that? who knows? I rather not plan too ahead.

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