Cyber therapy Presentation

I just woke from one of those night mares where I am supposed to give a presentation but I somehow miss it completely. When I have these nightmares I usually miss the presentation because I over slept or because I was distracted by something. Don’t ask but in this dream I was at an olympic event when I noticed I did not make it to class and did not give the presentation. And then I woke and now I am sharing this with you.

Truth is I have a presentation to give on Cyber therapy for my Clinical Psychology course. Cyber therapy refers to any form of therapy that is given via Technology (i.e text, email, skype) . I feel prepared. Wait, no, I AM prepared and I really enjoy giving presentations. I just tend to over think it sometimes.

At Skidmore the work you will have to do is pretty well distributed amongst reading, writing, and projects- individual and group. I guess with some majors you may have a heavier load of one than the other but with the general requirements I don’t think a student can escape having to do a group project, for instance. The library has really cool group study room so good thing you don’t have to figure out how to fit 3-6 people in your single.

So maybe I should be looking over my notes. I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes.

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