Fem.Theo. Canceled.

I normally have Feminist Theologies on Tuesday evenings. An interesting course taught by an interesting “Professor S”. We walked into class today and expected to discuss “Sisters of Wilderness”, the work of Delores S. Williams. As usual Professor S enters the room after us, her small stature doing no justice to her strong personality. Professor S sits in her seat and shares that she was done for the day. A good friend of hers had passed the day before and her dog this morning. This was the last thing that I had expected her to tell us but I admired her for sharing what was going on with the class as opposed to giving us an ambiguous email or a “class has been canceled” sign on the door of room 107 in Ladd Hall.

Some of our professors seem like super professors, often traveling giving lectures on all corners of the world, working on books as they still make themselves available to students who care to stop by for a short chat in their office. But this was one of those moments where you stop and think that they also are people and have their days when they need some time off. For the rest of the day my professor was in my thoughts in hopes that tomorrow will be a little easier.



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