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So long my friend.

The school year is officially over. Which means a number of things: no more classes- yey!, students begin to pack up- frowning at the idea of leaving their skiddies for yet another summer but excited to see the high school friends they leave behind every year, and students are expected to discontinue any employment affiliated with the school. Which means dear friends, this is my last post to you lovely prospective families. It has been a pleasure sharing my experiences with you. There aren’t many things that can make me as excited as discussing the wonders of this amazing place. Skidmore has given me the best four years of my life, open doors for me, and shaped me into the women I am proud to be. If anything I do hope you were able to capture that bit. Thank you so much for reading- if you would like to revisit the site, the information will always be here as am I- if you have any questions, please email me at

I wish you all the best of luck on your search for a place that fits you best and your time in whatever campus you decide to join. Remember 4 years will fly fast so please make it a happy and healthy best four years of your life.

Best Wishes.

Altagracia Montilla

You are more than just a test score

How hard is it to get into Skidmore?

What SAT/ ACT scores do I need?

What is the average GPA of the incoming student?

The hardest thing about communicating with prospective students about college and Skidmore is discussing tests scores and grades. No, Skidmore is certainly not the easiest school to get accepted to but its important to note that the admissions counselors want more than good numbers. They understand that you are more than just a test score and grade. You are a teen with interests, passions, and even stressors.

I remember how stressful it was to be 16, to  deal with the everyday stresses of being 16 topped with the stress of the darn SATs and ACTs. And to test what? Intelligence? Debatable. Test taking skills? Sounds more like it. Back when I was in High School it seemed that most of the students who did extremely well were the students who had been getting SAT/ ACT tutoring for years. And let’s not get into how expensive that can be. I am not saying there is anything wrong with taking advantage of the opportunity to have a tutor or take classes on how to take the SATs and ACTs. I am also not saying that one should not study. I am just stressing that there is more than numbers and you shouldn’t pull your hair out when it comes to test scores and grades. Make sure to let that “more than numbers” part of you shine. Schools like Skidmore that recognize well rounded students make great students will take into consideration the classes you have taken (when looking over grades), the extra- curricular’s, and the “it” thing about you and taking the time to interview is the perfect opportunity for you to show off that “it” thing. So please do not freak out if you do not get as high of a grade or score as the person next you because what can be more important to schools are those things that you have proven to be passionate about.


After a weekend of procrastination…

I’m sure I already mentioned that I procrastinated last weekend. What followed was a week of catching up on papers and studying for tests, in other words, long nights of cramming. It was a “hell week”–  I completed one assignment, wanted to rest but right before crashing would realize I had two other assignments/tests, back to back,  that I had to catch up on.

The thought that always gets me through a hell week is knowing it will all be over soon. The only good thing about a hell week is that celebrating at the end feels that much better.

After realizing my exhaustion led to one interesting cognitive “slip up” where something really important slipped my mind, I decided to vlog . The video below is me discussing my progress throughout the week.



Why did I do this?…..

I hate to trouble you with my problems but I did something really silly this weekend…I procrastinated. Yes, that is right. Instead of writing a paper and studying for an exam I went to a dance performance, a benefit concert, an improve comedy show, and had too much fun with friends. Well all of the above was necessary, at least I think so; everyone needs a little time to unwind here and there, but I probably should have done some work over the weekend to ease my Monday night. Now I am in a study room in the library, of which is pretty cool (the second floor study rooms are new), pulling my hair out as I try to finish a paper for my Feminist Theologies Course on, well, God.

The number one piece of advice I give itty bitty  students is to manage time well. Keep that in mind.

You Asked: parents, changes, professors, Spring Break, and internships!

how did your parents feel about you choosing to attend skidmore ?

My mother was thrilled. She trusts my decision making skills and was well aware that Skidmore is a fantastic school. Seeing how happy I have been in the last few years, I am sure she is still very happy with the decision I made.

is there anything you would have done differently during the last few years?

I wish I would have attended more events. Thought that would mean I am also wishing to split myself in four people and have more time in the day.

have you ever had a favorite professor ?

Yes I have. I have had about two favorites along the way. These professors were the warmest of the bunch and the funniest. Should I say names? …. NAAAAHHHH

when is your spring break ? and how much time off do you get ?

Spring Break was about two weeks ago. We are given one week off. Once Spring Break is over, you realize the year is almost over. Wow !

What type of internship programs does Skidmore sponsor?

My experience getting internships was a little different. When I realized I wanted to work with at- risk youth I decided that I wanted to intern at youth shelters. I told a professor about this and he made a few phone calls to a few of his contacts and within the next week I was working at a youth shelter in Balston Spa which is the nest town over. The following semester I did the same thing and was working at a different youth shelter in Malta, also one town over. Some course require internship work which can make things pretty easy. Career services is also a fantastic resource. They can get students in touch with local businesses and organizations, alumni, and parents of students.
If you want the experience, you will find it.


Cyber therapy Presentation

I just woke from one of those night mares where I am supposed to give a presentation but I somehow miss it completely. When I have these nightmares I usually miss the presentation because I over slept or because I was distracted by something. Don’t ask but in this dream I was at an olympic event when I noticed I did not make it to class and did not give the presentation. And then I woke and now I am sharing this with you.

Truth is I have a presentation to give on Cyber therapy for my Clinical Psychology course. Cyber therapy refers to any form of therapy that is given via Technology (i.e text, email, skype) . I feel prepared. Wait, no, I AM prepared and I really enjoy giving presentations. I just tend to over think it sometimes.

At Skidmore the work you will have to do is pretty well distributed amongst reading, writing, and projects- individual and group. I guess with some majors you may have a heavier load of one than the other but with the general requirements I don’t think a student can escape having to do a group project, for instance. The library has really cool group study room so good thing you don’t have to figure out how to fit 3-6 people in your single.

So maybe I should be looking over my notes. I’ll make sure to let you know how it goes.

You Asked: About how many students study abroad? Is Skidmore helpful when someone chooses to spend a semester or year in a different country? I actually want to study in Australia also, so I would really appreciate your perspective and help. Thank you!

I would say about 65% of the Skidmore student body studies abroad. If I am not mistaken, we are ranked top 5 in the country for percentage of students who study abroad from a given campus. With that said studying abroad is pretty much apart of the Skidmore experience. Countless times I have heard students say that they did not consider or would have not considered studying abroad if it were not for Skidmore. Skidmore College definitely believes the abroad experience enhances the college experience overall and I agree with every bit of that claim. Studying abroad was just about the best decision I have ever made. I still look back at my time abroad fondly and sometimes wish so bad that I could go back.
Since the decision is much supported Skidmore is very helpful when deciding to study abroad. Skidmore allows you to choose from Skidmore programs or Skidmore approved programs and if you are still not happy with the options you may have the option of choosing your own program outside of these choices. A student can literally walk into the Office of Off- Campus Study and Echanges saying he or she has no idea where to go, what to study, when to go, or how and they can help. I would know, I was that student. They will help you make a decision that is best given your major and the courses you have taken and need to take. Skidmore also prepares you for the leave but getting you in touch with students who have studied in the same location in the past and giving tips on what to do and how to make the best of your experience when away.
Financial Aid and such also carries over!
Thinking of studying abroad ? I say DO IT !!

This was my blog while in Aussie.

Hope this all helped.


Ask me anything

SkidMeme: Double Majors


The meme craze; It’s funny how much a few words and a face expression can say.  Add Skidmore to the mix and what do you get? A whole lot of inside jokes for the Skidmore students.  But have no fear I am here to explain the SkidMemes.

“Oh, you say you’re a double major? Well aren’t you special”

A sarcastic play on how common it is for students to double major on this campus- double minors are quiet common as well; my housemate is a triple minor.  Some would say its a weird obsession with over achieving that comes over the Skidmore students upon arrival on campus. I’d say its the product of having a campus full of passionate students. We as people can easily be interested in a number of things. Skidmore encourages its students to fulfill all of these interests even if its something as “odd” as computer science and dance, for instance. These “odd” combinations are far from odd here. What can I say? Here, Creative Thought Matters. 

Clinical Interview and Report

I have said so much about Skidmore on this blog, yet I just realized that I have not said much on assignments that I have to complete or have been given. So I thought it would be nice to talk about one in particular that I find interesting this semester. This particular assignment is not only interesting but also my first big assignment of the semester. It is a Clinical Interview for my …. you guessed it !! Clinical Psychology course.

In the class we have been discussing methods and skills necessary for conducting clinical interviews, the appropriate relationships that a therapist/ psychologist can have with their client, the kind of information that is okay to keep completely confidential and that which is necessary to share with someone else. Now Professor Rye, who wears the best knitted sweaters I have ever seen, wants the class to practice everything we have learned in a mock clinical interview. I guess anything more real in practice than this would be talking to a real client. But I’m sure we can agree that there are ethical issues involved with that idea. Rye organized for us to each be assigned to a student from his Abnormal Psychology course. These students will be our “play” clients whom we would be meeting for the first time. I made sure to say for the first time because all the introductory aspects of the interview are expected. This includes the ‘Hi, I am..”, “Everything here remains confidential..”, “Now tell me what brings you in…”. The interview has to be recorded and the “best” 6 minutes of it will be presented to the class. Our grade also depends on the review form the “client” completes about our interviewing skills.

I just finished contacting my “client” about when is best to meet for our interview. I still have not decided where to do the interview. But I am so thinking by one of the fire places of the atrium in the Dining Hall.