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Sundress Day.

Today was officially Sun Dress Day. Well, maybe I made this day up but let me explain. Sun Dress Day is the first warm day of the spring semester thats is followed by a consecutive number of warm days. Sounds simple, right? So that strange warm weather we received before break did not count as Sun Dress Day because not enough warm days followed; all this week the weather will be in the 70s. Also, on the Sun Dress Day most students are wearing Spring/ Summer friendly clothing. Ladies are in cute floral prints and male in shorts and tees. And of course, there is more to Sun Dress Day than warm weather; everyone is on a happy high and is out playing frisbee, soccer, sun bathing- just anything and everything that can be done in the sun. I love it, its great. Ahh smells like procrastination and longing to be outside while in class. WOOHOO SPRING SEMESTER !!

SkidMeme: Double Majors


The meme craze; It’s funny how much a few words and a face expression can say.  Add Skidmore to the mix and what do you get? A whole lot of inside jokes for the Skidmore students.  But have no fear I am here to explain the SkidMemes.

“Oh, you say you’re a double major? Well aren’t you special”

A sarcastic play on how common it is for students to double major on this campus- double minors are quiet common as well; my housemate is a triple minor.  Some would say its a weird obsession with over achieving that comes over the Skidmore students upon arrival on campus. I’d say its the product of having a campus full of passionate students. We as people can easily be interested in a number of things. Skidmore encourages its students to fulfill all of these interests even if its something as “odd” as computer science and dance, for instance. These “odd” combinations are far from odd here. What can I say? Here, Creative Thought Matters. 

Finding that Escape.

I just came back from the gym. A short 1 hour work out and I am ready to do homework. I have an exam tomorrow and a paper due Friday. A bit much, I am aware and though many would have used that extra hour to cram in some studying or research I felt that gym session was much needed. Everyone needs that 1 hour of something to clear the mind in preparation for, well, anything and everything. For some that may be 1 hour of alone time in their dorm room, 1 hour of arts and crafts, or 1 hour of a movie and friends. For me it is one hour of extreme cardio. I need to sweat disgusting amounts for about an hour and my head is clear and ready to take on the pile of homework that lies before me. My adrenaline is running for hours and I use it on homework. I love it, its great. I remember when I lived in a dormitory, I’d “itch” for a run at times. If the weather was not too great, instead of walking to the sports center I’d walk down to the basement and run on the treadmill. All of the dormitories on campus are equipped with at least a treadmill and an elliptical machine for those who’d prefer to save the 5 minutes it’d take to walk to the sports center. When the weather permits it I take this run out doors. It is one of my favorite things to do when it is nice out, run to town and back. Sometimes running is the one thing that can maintain my sanity at times.

And I know this does not work for everyone. Sometimes sweating in the hot sun or in the confines of a gymnasium is just a bit gross. For those in need of other methods of escaping the heavy loads of work or the constant sight of housemates and their dirty dishes there are other outlets. Sometimes talking alone is useful. If not your friend then maybe a resident assistance– there are RAs on every floor of the dorms or why not the counseling center when things are feeling a bit tough. Here, the counseling center offers 8 free sessions per year.

Maybe it is help organizing school work. A professor can help; because of the size of this campus professors are always willing and able to offer time to their students. The Office of Student Academic Services is also available when looking for help scheduling/ managing a schedule that works best or finding a tutor to help make things make some sense in class.

Some students maintain their sanity by meeting with friends at particular club meetings. Maybe its one during the week that a student waits for or four clubs per week. Students have the option of joining as much clubs as they want. Without the obligation of having to attend all meetings.

Maybe your thing will be attending religious services or joining religious groups. The Skidmore College campus Office of Religious and Spiritual Life provides leadership, services and programming in matters of religious and spiritual concerns. There are also numerous off campus areas for worship.

And this is all just to mention a few. Whatever is needed to prevent the hair pulling and lower the levels of stress- I mean come on, this thing called college is no walk in the park- there is something here for you. Just explore and find.


I promise there are better answers.

Winter Wonderland.

Lately the weather has been strange. During the month of February we’ve had sunny days and a bit of warmth. It is March and snow unexpectedly hit the town of Saratoga Springs. And I don’t mean a little flurry of flakes, I mean full on snow of about 6-10 inches. I want to be upset about it and I was when I first woke yesterday morning, looked out my window, and then looked at my emails and realized none of my classes were canceled. But as I was walking up the hill toward the admissions building for work I realized it all looked too beautiful to be upset. It also wasn’t that cold out and the snow wasn’t a pain in the rear end since it was not that mushy messy snow, or the slippery dangerous kind just beautiful oversized snow flakes. Everything was covered in a sheet of snowy soft-ness. The usual mid- day breaks that consist of grabbing a bite at the Spa became the perfect times for students to build large snow men, go for a quick sled sesh, or build forts. And when I say fort, I mean these are some of the largest snow forts I have ever seen built. I am pretty sure I saw what looked like a legit igloo by the Tang Museum.

So yes it can snow in Saraotga. And it can snow quiet a bit. It can get pretty cold as well, of course. I think after some time students get use to it and it shortly becomes the norm. “Oh its January and 5 degrees outside?! No big deal” Though this winter has been very strange. The temperature has been in the high 40s and low 50s. I mean, it snowed a ton yesterday and it is not as cold as I would have expected it to be. And that bit may be addressing issues that are out Skidmore’s control, as much as I’d love to say that Skidmore controls the local weather. What’s great is that,  inches of snow or a bed of flowers on every corner of this campus, it is a beautiful campus and often takes my breath away. As much as I would love to be upset at having to travel in the snow and cold I appreciate it all for its beauty and all that comes with it. Campus activities are indoors and often prepared with hot cider and chocolate; students nuzzle in the warmth of their rooms to watch movies with their dorm mates and house mates; and the best places to study become the seats as close as possible to the fire places in the atrium of the dining hall.

For me its a wonderland no matter the season. The snow just makes it a winter wonderland.

You Asked…..Cars, graduation, athletes, summers, majors, and missing Skidmore.

Can you have a car on campus?

Yes you may. You are actually allowed to have a car all four years (also guaranteed housing all four years). And there is always space for parking.

Where is your graduation going to be ?

At the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. A beautiful performing arts center located in the southern tip of Saratoga (a ten minute drive from campus). During the summer SPAC hosts a wide variety of performances ranging from the Philadelphia Orchestra to Lil’ Wayne.

What support do athletes get?

Athletes, because of their busy schedule balancing classes and such, will become very familiar with Student Academic Services. Here the athletes are given an advisor who assists the student in organizing a class schedule and study schedule. If a tutor is needed someone in SAS will match the athlete with a tutor. SAS also is also equipped study rooms and snacks. All of these “services” are also available to the rest of the campus.

What are summers like on campus?

SSSSOOOOO MUCH FUN !! Students can stay on campus if they are taking a class, working, or working an internship/ research. I absolutely recommend staying a summer. All students staying for the summer live in Scribner Village on campus. I would guess about 400 students stick around. The rest of the campus is occupied by visitors staying for one of the many programs hosted here during the summer. It is a great opportunity to meet students because everyone is so eager to “chill” during their down time and everyones down time is around the same times of the day since most people are working or going to class during business hours. The campus is gorgeous. The town triples in size and there is just so much to do. SPAC opens with great ways to score cheap tickets.
I have been here every summer and have no regrets.

What are the least popular majors at Skidmore?

Hmmm, that is a tough question. I do not know for sure. But if I had to guess I would say computer science. It is such a small department.

what will you miss most about Skidmore?

Literally everything. I love everything and will miss everything. Skidmore has given me some of the best experiences, networks, and memories ever and I am so glad that I can take that much with me after graduation but in many ways I wish all of it were coming with me.
What is there not to love.

Ask me anything.

A great question from a NYC Zinch’er.

Thank you! I’m not sure if I will transition smoothly from the city that never sleeps to a smaller town with less commotion. I always find a place to go on a leisure day; like the movies, bowling, ice skating, ect. Do you think activities like these are as easy to find up in Saratoga? Or maybe in Skidmore itself; do you find students to be pretty occupied between work clubs and outside activities?

I promise you there is so much to do. I know this is a big concern for many students who are coming from densely populated areas. There is heaps and heaps to do at Skidmroe- something every night. Evidence to this is that we have never been described as a suit case campus meaning none of our students go away for the weekend because Skidmore does not give you a reason too. Saratoga has heaps going on as well. Especially during the summer so everyone should stay for at least one summer. I think the difference between here and the city is that in the city it feels as if everything is just there, it comes to you, and you are familiar with it. Whereas here, it is helpful to be on top of everything. Read posters, check out websites, step out of your comfort zone and do not hesitate to meet new people from all walks of life. Another thing is that I feel like many NYC students expect all fun to involve dance parties. You will especially have a fantastic time if you step out of that mentality and realize a good time can be more than dancing and also include watching a show, listening to a lecture, participating in a particular club, watching a band play, etc.

And when I say be on top of things I do not mean that events are hard to find I am just saying the information is out there, pretty in your face, so it helps to keep an open eye.

And do not get me wrong about parties, those do exist here as well.


You Asked: do people ever stay for breaks ?

Yes. Students do have the option of staying on campus for breaks. If it is a break during the academic year, you need to let ResLife know you are planning to stay. There are “vacation dorms” of which are filled with students staying for the break. Students who live in houses during the break can just stay in their house.
For summer break, students who would like to stay on campus have to be taking classes, interning, or working on campus. That, staying for a summer, is an absolute must do.

Ask me anything