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Oh hey … THAT’S ME !!

The Skidmore Annual Fund recently interviewed me and made a really cool video of me sharing my experience as a Skidmore student. I also explain and emphasize how important Financial Aid has been throughout my experience. I mean, none of this would have been possible without the financial aid I received.  Hopefully my story will motivate alumni to donate so as to give other students the same opportunity I was given.

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The Skidmore College campus is beautiful. It is 100% worth it to take a tour. Touring will also give you the opportunity to just be in Saratoga, meaning you’ll be able to see what a great town this is and you will have the opportunity to speak to current students. Students at Skidmore are really friendly and always willing to answer questions about their experiences.

Tours are offered Monday- Friday at 9am, 11am, 12pm, and 2:45pm. Info sessions are given at 10:15am and 2pm.

We also give Science tours and Arts tours so feel free to inquire about those.

Want to tour with me? I give tours on Thursday mornings at 11am and Friday afternoons at 2:45pm. Coming on a different day? Ask for a special tour with Alta !

I can not believe I just created a tour ad of myself.

My Last Schedule.

I can not believe I actually forgot to post what my weeks look like this semester.

But before I post my schedule, I must say I was hoping that my last semester of college would be a light one. Unfortunately when I was abroad I took a course in African Drumming and Dancing. The class was great but I was never aware that I was in the wrong section of the course which did not give me credit. So in order to make up for the lost credits I was forced to take on a full 16 credits this semester. These kinds of mix ups often do not cause too much of a problem but for me it kind of did since I added my minor pretty late the 200- level classes I wanted to take conflicted with my 300- level courses. In the end I was left with an interesting course load but less religion courses than I would have liked and more psychology courses that I expected having.



1:25- 2:20pm Racquet Ball

4:00- 5:20pm Adult Development

6:30- 9:00 Work- Annual Fund



12:40- 2:00pm Applied Psychology

3:40- 5:30pm Feminist Theologies



10:10-1130pm Clinical Psychology

1:25- 2:20pm Racquet Ball

4:00- 5: 20pm Adolescent Development

6:30- 9:00pm Work- Annual Fund



11:00- 12:30pm Work- Tour

12:40- 2:00pm Applied Psychology

3:40- 5:30pm Feminist Theologies



10:10- 11:00am Clinical Psychology

2:45pm- 4:30pm Work- Tour


* Babysitting for the Skidmore College Golf Coach occurs randomly throughout the week.

You Asked: Hey, what are you planning on doing after you graduate with your psychology degree? Any ideas on where you will be living?

After graduation I would like to dive in to the real world and work for about a year or two. I want to dedicate my life to at- risk and troubled youth in academic settings. if things work out as planned I will be doing just that after Skidmore and then get my masters in clinical psychology. After that? who knows? I rather not plan too ahead.

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You Asked: How has Skidmore helped with yourplans for graduation ?

This is a great question. The resources Skidmore offeres have been unbelievably helpful. Since the start of this year I have frequented the Career Services office. Career Services helps with everything from editing your resume to getting you in touch with alumni who are currently in the field you are interested in. I had my resume completed, my linked in created, and contacted heaps of alumni. I also received great tips for interviewing; thanks to those I was extremely confident during my last interview.

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Why did you choose Skidmore? pt. 2

Remember the video I made where I asked a bunch of current students to tell me and well, all of you, why they decided to come to Skidmore? Well its about time I posted a new one. Sorry for the wait. I meant to have this up by…..well, lets just say two days ago but the point is, its up now for your viewing pleasure.

Please do watch, share, and enjoy !



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A year ago from today…

A year ago from today I arrived at JFK airport. I was groggy, exhausted, and dressed much too lightly; flip flops, tights, and a Skidmore sweater did not suffice for the winter cold. I was extremely tanned, somewhat sun burned, and feeling fresh. I was in utter disbelief of the previous 5 months. I could not stop smiling as I thought back to priceless memories and waited for my friend to pick me up from the airport.

“Time sure does fly” “I hope we all forever stay in touch” “That was the best decision of my life” “I bet I’ll miss everything so much it’ll hurt” “When will I go back?”

These were all things that went through my mind.

A year ago from today I arrived at JFK airport, I had just flown in from a week long vacation in Fiji of which prior to that I was studying abroad in Australia. My time abroad felt like a dream, it was so surreal. I fell in love with the friends, the place, the everything. I wanted nothing more than for every moment abroad to last forever. The days counting down till I had to return pained me in every way but never so much that it blinded me from the great times I had in the present. For the first time ever I felt the feeling of wanting to be in two places at once; I loved and missed Skidmore and my skiddies, but I really did not want to leave my abroad experience. Even now, I still think about it and it has been over a year. I still love discussing my time and looking back at pictures. I still contact the friends I made there and laugh about the good times we had. Its all something I will never forget and hold dear to me for forever.

I thank Skidmore for giving me the gift of my abroad experience. I promise I am not the only person on this campus who feels this away. Many students study abroad, and many have the time of their life. I remember a friend once said “If it were not for Skidmore, I would not have even imagined going abroad”. Sixty- five percent of Skidmore students study abroad. It really is something the school encourages and takes pride in. Many students who never thought of going abroad , do because it is pretty much apart of the Skidmore experience. Students begin talking about it as early as their second semester freshman year. I myself, never imagined going abroad (did I mention going to Aus was the first time I ever flew?). It really was something I never thought of. It was definitely being a SkidStudent that influenced my decision to study abroad.




ThanksGiving in Australia



Fiji mud bath


1 year reunion in NH




You Asked: how have you dealt with stress of work now that you are a senior?

My friends, including professors, have helped me maintain my sanity. A nice chat or a some chill time in helps to do this. When things get a little out of control, and it has this semester, I will let a professor know and they are often very understanding.
Things are also a bit different for me now that I am a senior because I know what to expect and I am much better at managing my time and understand what are the best study habits for me. If I ever did need any additional help I do understand and know that the right resources such as, Student Academic Services, are available to me.

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You Asked: It is obvious that there are quite a few things that you love about Skidmore, but what is something 2 things that you wish you could change?

This is a great question and I thank you for asking. You are correct, there are many and many things I love but if I had to complain about something it would be that I can’t have another 4 years here. No but seriously; one thing I guess I would change is a small detail about dormitories. I really enjoyed living in the dorms. It was great living so close to so many people. It would be nice if more upper class men lived in dorms. All students are allowed to live in the dorms all four years if they would like, housing is guaranteed. But with the town houses we have on campus all students are eager to move into those that I feel even students who would like to stay in the dorms are almost pressure to move into a house because it is the “thing” to do.
That’s about it and maybe I was serious about the not getting four additional years thing 🙂

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