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How Could I have Forgotten Last Weekend… ?!

I just realized I completely forgot to fill you in on my weekend; last weekend. Yea, that one where I did no homework. Well, last Friday I attended the Rithmos Spring Concert. The Rithmos are Skidmore’s Jazz/Hip- Hop Dance Ensemble. I think I said that right, go me ! The girls and one guy are fantastic dancers but I must say the Manmos were the highlight of the show. Manmos is the all male parody group of the Rithmos. These guys looked great in their get ups dancing to non other than Beyonce’s Girls Run the World.

After enjoying the dance performance I hurried my way to the Drastic Measures Benefit Concert. The Drastic Measure is a co- ed a-capella group on campus. Friday night they invited  most of the groups on camus to sing a few numbers. The purpose was to raise money for a local organization, Saratoga Bridges. The only thing better than watching a show on campus is watching a show on campus that is organized for a good cause. And, psht ! Of coure I donated! Any way, that was fantastic. I was obviously crazy about all the groups who performed Adele songs, that would be 3 total, and still not enough for me ! Yes, I love Adele. The Treblemakers, Skidmore’s only all inclusive a- capella really blew me away with their Britney Spears mash up. Now, that, I was jamming to. Ever dance and sing in your seat while watching a performance and then stop and think “wait, I must look ridiculous ! – I should stop”. I had one of those moments. The performance was that fun. Anyways, good job Drastics on a fantastic show.

Saturday night was all about comedy. Improv comedy to be exact. The Ad- Libs gave us a laugh- tastic show. Slapped my knee a couple times. I would explain some of the jokes to you … but then it wouldn’t be funny. I mean you can’t re- enact improv, right ?!

Sorry I don’t have any videos from the Benefit concert or the Comedy Show but catch a peep at the Rithmos show.




Fem.Theo. Canceled.

I normally have Feminist Theologies on Tuesday evenings. An interesting course taught by an interesting “Professor S”. We walked into class today and expected to discuss “Sisters of Wilderness”, the work of Delores S. Williams. As usual Professor S enters the room after us, her small stature doing no justice to her strong personality. Professor S sits in her seat and shares that she was done for the day. A good friend of hers had passed the day before and her dog this morning. This was the last thing that I had expected her to tell us but I admired her for sharing what was going on with the class as opposed to giving us an ambiguous email or a “class has been canceled” sign on the door of room 107 in Ladd Hall.

Some of our professors seem like super professors, often traveling giving lectures on all corners of the world, working on books as they still make themselves available to students who care to stop by for a short chat in their office. But this was one of those moments where you stop and think that they also are people and have their days when they need some time off. For the rest of the day my professor was in my thoughts in hopes that tomorrow will be a little easier.

SkidMeme: Double Majors


The meme craze; It’s funny how much a few words and a face expression can say.  Add Skidmore to the mix and what do you get? A whole lot of inside jokes for the Skidmore students.  But have no fear I am here to explain the SkidMemes.

“Oh, you say you’re a double major? Well aren’t you special”

A sarcastic play on how common it is for students to double major on this campus- double minors are quiet common as well; my housemate is a triple minor.  Some would say its a weird obsession with over achieving that comes over the Skidmore students upon arrival on campus. I’d say its the product of having a campus full of passionate students. We as people can easily be interested in a number of things. Skidmore encourages its students to fulfill all of these interests even if its something as “odd” as computer science and dance, for instance. These “odd” combinations are far from odd here. What can I say? Here, Creative Thought Matters. 

Winter Wonderland.

Lately the weather has been strange. During the month of February we’ve had sunny days and a bit of warmth. It is March and snow unexpectedly hit the town of Saratoga Springs. And I don’t mean a little flurry of flakes, I mean full on snow of about 6-10 inches. I want to be upset about it and I was when I first woke yesterday morning, looked out my window, and then looked at my emails and realized none of my classes were canceled. But as I was walking up the hill toward the admissions building for work I realized it all looked too beautiful to be upset. It also wasn’t that cold out and the snow wasn’t a pain in the rear end since it was not that mushy messy snow, or the slippery dangerous kind just beautiful oversized snow flakes. Everything was covered in a sheet of snowy soft-ness. The usual mid- day breaks that consist of grabbing a bite at the Spa became the perfect times for students to build large snow men, go for a quick sled sesh, or build forts. And when I say fort, I mean these are some of the largest snow forts I have ever seen built. I am pretty sure I saw what looked like a legit igloo by the Tang Museum.

So yes it can snow in Saraotga. And it can snow quiet a bit. It can get pretty cold as well, of course. I think after some time students get use to it and it shortly becomes the norm. “Oh its January and 5 degrees outside?! No big deal” Though this winter has been very strange. The temperature has been in the high 40s and low 50s. I mean, it snowed a ton yesterday and it is not as cold as I would have expected it to be. And that bit may be addressing issues that are out Skidmore’s control, as much as I’d love to say that Skidmore controls the local weather. What’s great is that,  inches of snow or a bed of flowers on every corner of this campus, it is a beautiful campus and often takes my breath away. As much as I would love to be upset at having to travel in the snow and cold I appreciate it all for its beauty and all that comes with it. Campus activities are indoors and often prepared with hot cider and chocolate; students nuzzle in the warmth of their rooms to watch movies with their dorm mates and house mates; and the best places to study become the seats as close as possible to the fire places in the atrium of the dining hall.

For me its a wonderland no matter the season. The snow just makes it a winter wonderland.


The Skidmore College campus is beautiful. It is 100% worth it to take a tour. Touring will also give you the opportunity to just be in Saratoga, meaning you’ll be able to see what a great town this is and you will have the opportunity to speak to current students. Students at Skidmore are really friendly and always willing to answer questions about their experiences.

Tours are offered Monday- Friday at 9am, 11am, 12pm, and 2:45pm. Info sessions are given at 10:15am and 2pm.

We also give Science tours and Arts tours so feel free to inquire about those.

Want to tour with me? I give tours on Thursday mornings at 11am and Friday afternoons at 2:45pm. Coming on a different day? Ask for a special tour with Alta !

I can not believe I just created a tour ad of myself.

You Asked: do people ever stay for breaks ?

Yes. Students do have the option of staying on campus for breaks. If it is a break during the academic year, you need to let ResLife know you are planning to stay. There are “vacation dorms” of which are filled with students staying for the break. Students who live in houses during the break can just stay in their house.
For summer break, students who would like to stay on campus have to be taking classes, interning, or working on campus. That, staying for a summer, is an absolute must do.

Ask me anything


So tonight is the last official weekend of the semester and there is just so much going on. I mean this is not atypical for a weekend at Skidmore. But this weekend in particular, it seems as if all clubs on campus scheduled events. Its insane !! So much so much. What am I, a student who wants to go to everything, to do ?!

Featuring tonight on the Skidmore College campus:
The girls and boys basketball games.
The acapella groups, Dynamics and Bandersnatchers are performing.
Pulse, “the group of found objects percussion groups that bang on stuff” are performing their last show of the semester.
The DJ club hosted third first event on campus, a block party.

I promise to post pictures soon enough.