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A great question from a NYC Zinch’er.

Thank you! I’m not sure if I will transition smoothly from the city that never sleeps to a smaller town with less commotion. I always find a place to go on a leisure day; like the movies, bowling, ice skating, ect. Do you think activities like these are as easy to find up in Saratoga? Or maybe in Skidmore itself; do you find students to be pretty occupied between work clubs and outside activities?

I promise you there is so much to do. I know this is a big concern for many students who are coming from densely populated areas. There is heaps and heaps to do at Skidmroe- something every night. Evidence to this is that we have never been described as a suit case campus meaning none of our students go away for the weekend because Skidmore does not give you a reason too. Saratoga has heaps going on as well. Especially during the summer so everyone should stay for at least one summer. I think the difference between here and the city is that in the city it feels as if everything is just there, it comes to you, and you are familiar with it. Whereas here, it is helpful to be on top of everything. Read posters, check out websites, step out of your comfort zone and do not hesitate to meet new people from all walks of life. Another thing is that I feel like many NYC students expect all fun to involve dance parties. You will especially have a fantastic time if you step out of that mentality and realize a good time can be more than dancing and also include watching a show, listening to a lecture, participating in a particular club, watching a band play, etc.

And when I say be on top of things I do not mean that events are hard to find I am just saying the information is out there, pretty in your face, so it helps to keep an open eye.

And do not get me wrong about parties, those do exist here as well.


Favorites and Challenges. A question from a Zinchers.

I have been getting some really good questions from you awesome perspective students on my Zinch account. I thought it would be a good idea to post some of these questions every so often. Here goes a good one.

Please let me know about the campus life at Skidmore, your favorite things about it and challenges you had to face while adjusting to this college.

Hmm campus life. Is there anything in particular about the campus life you would like to know? Overall the campus dynamic is quiet vibrant. Students at Skidmore are happy and get a long well. They are also very diverse with multiple interests and passions. We all respect each other for our individuality and often learn from each other by bouncing ideas back and forth. Students work really hard but also know how to have a good time. This is an academically rigorous campus but not cut throat. Students help each other before a test, they don’t try and kill the competition.

My favorite thing about Skidmore is the diversity in interests and passions. This is in no way a cookie cutter school. Everyone is different and it shows. I think this has made my experience both rich and fun.
Most of the challenges I have faced have been in the classroom. Just about all the classes I have had have challenged the way I think about specific topics, leading me to see things in ways I have never seen before. the challenges were always rewarding.
The adjustment was not too harsh because everyone here is so welcoming and friendly.

I hope these answers help.