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The Skidmore College campus is beautiful. It is 100% worth it to take a tour. Touring will also give you the opportunity to just be in Saratoga, meaning you’ll be able to see what a great town this is and you will have the opportunity to speak to current students. Students at Skidmore are really friendly and always willing to answer questions about their experiences.

Tours are offered Monday- Friday at 9am, 11am, 12pm, and 2:45pm. Info sessions are given at 10:15am and 2pm.

We also give Science tours and Arts tours so feel free to inquire about those.

Want to tour with me? I give tours on Thursday mornings at 11am and Friday afternoons at 2:45pm. Coming on a different day? Ask for a special tour with Alta !

I can not believe I just created a tour ad of myself.

You Asked: What’s your favorite time of year?

I love Spring at Skidmore. When the weather is really nice out students sit or lay out on the grass; some are playing games or an instrument, maybe just having a quick chat. Some professors are even willing to have class out doors. And the campus always looks so beautiful with so much green and flowers everywhere.

Ask me anything

Why did you choose Skidmore?

I thought it would be a cool idea to start a few video series. The first one being on the question “Why did you choose Skidmore?”

So every so often I will collect video responses from students on campus, make a video, and upload it. Here is the first of this series. Some people I totally threw off guard so excuse their awkwardness.

Enjoy 🙂



Another thing to love about Skidmore: the beauty of the campus. This campus looks absolutely beautiful year round. The campus has a lot of open space and green which makes it a perfect canvas for every season.

Winter covers the campus in a blanket of white. Students sculpting 6 foot tall snow people is a pleasure to see. Facilities is always really good about clearing the path ways and no worries about the cold and/ or snow, nearly the entire campus is covered and many of the academic buildings are connected.

Spring/ Summer means flowers every where. Whoever is in charge of the outdoor landscaping deserves to be awarded. All kinds of flowers tempt visitors to stop and take a sniff and maybe pluck one for an accessory. Students never fail to take advantage of their free time to lay out in the sun or play a few out door sports.

Fiery reds, warm oranges, and vibrant yellows are a sight during the Fall. I think Fall is my favorite, until Spring arrives.

Here is what the campus looks like now. I wish I had a cooler camera so I could do justice to the campus.