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Fact. When I was a kid, I was afraid of the dark…. wait, I just said that. Well, I mean, who wasn’t, amiright?!

Cooler Fact. Cornel West was Skidmore College’s Keynote Speaker last year. Don’t know Dr. West? No worries, read his about me and be impressed. http://www.cornelwest.com/about.html

Dr. West visited the campus at such an appropriate time. The campus was really involved in dialogues regarding diversity. These dialogues and the energy associated continued well into this year giving students the opportunity to voice their opinions and concerns regarding issues that touches all of us as a community.

Dr. West speaking at Skidmore.



P.S That beautiful concert hall is located in the Arthur Zankel Music Center of the Skidmore campus.

You Asked: What is the atmosphere for LGBTQ students on campus? Are there many people who identify as such?

This campus is so unbelievably welcoming and accepting it should not come as a surprise that I would respond to this question by saying the atmosphere for LGBT students is one of comfort. I mean, could you really expect much else from a campus which offeres gender- neutral bathrooms in the academic buildings and a gender- neutral floor in one of the dormitories?
I would say most of the students apart of the LGBT community openly identify as so. The Skidmore Pride Alliance is a SGA club on campus dedicated to building awareness of LGBT related issues. Amongst many things, SPA holds weekly meetings, organizes events- two of which are amongst the biggest parties of the school year- open to everyone, it sure does feel like everyone attends, and offeres ally training.

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You Asked: Is there a strong competitive atmosphere at Skidmore? I went to a H.S where everyone wanted to know how everyone else did on an exam or assignment. It was uncomfortable.

Skidmore College is an academically rigorous campus. Getting accepted is a challenge as well as staying afloat when a student here. However, I do not consider Skidmore a competitive school. In other words there isn’t a cut throat atmosphere, students are not choking each other in hopes of killing the competition. It is much more common to see students assisting each other inside and outside of the classroom. This sense of community makes for a much more comfortable environment.

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Tower, Banderboys, and Pizza.

Standing 11 stories high, Johnson Tower is a dormitory on campus with its roof being the highest point in Saratoga Springs. The penthouse of tower, located on its top floor is a common room for the building and one of my favorite places on campus. The penthouse over looks the entire campus and Saratoga, also offering a sweet view of the Adirondack Mountains in the distance.

Last night Johnson Tower invited the Bandersnatchers to sing during their all hall.All resident assistants (there are 1 on every floor) on campus are required to organize at least 8 all halls per semester. These may include food, helpful information, a performance, a movie, or even fun games all of which are expected to serve as a study break and to build community within the dormitory. Last night pizza was served with a side of some sweet voices.

The Bandersnatchers are an all male ac-cappella* group on campus. A handsome bunch I must add, who sing tunes that can make you do nothing more than smile, fall in love, or laugh out loud.

*Below the pictures you will find a video of the lovely men singing. Enjoy 🙂

Many came to watch at the Tower Penthouse

I so want that red cardigan


*If I am not mistaken there are about 8 ac-capella groups in total on campus. One of which is all male, two all female, one a charity group, and one open to all without auditions. Students are more than welcome to join/ audition regardless if they have any experience in music.