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Last Registration

So earlier this week I registered for my classes for next semester. Let’s take a second to stop and think about this. I just registered for the last time ever at Skidmore. WOW!

Since I am a senior I had the first registration slot, 7am on Monday morning. Freshman year I set my alarm just so I could register on time for my 7am slot. This year I didn’t do that. I registered for 300 level courses and as a senior, with the first time slot I knew there was no way I would not get into the course I wanted. So I glanced at my degree audit which can be accessed on the Skidmore website. The degree audit is basically a review of what you have done at Skidmore and what you need to do as far as fulfilling general requirements and fulfilling requirements for majors and minors. Its cool seeing the check list go from red to green as you fulfill requirements. I realized all I pretty much had to do by this point was finish up my minor with one course. Not too bad. But there were some really good 300 level Psychology course I wanted to take so I may have created a heavier load for my self next semester than necessary. I could not take all the courses I wanted to because two courses I really wanted to take , Christian Scriptures and Clinical Psychology, conflicted. That does not happen often but since I added my minor last semester there are 200 and even 100 level course I want to take and those may conflict with some of the 300 level courses in my major that I want to take. Either way, I got into courses I know I will enjoy; Beginners Racquetball, Applied Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Adult Development, and Feminist Theologies. A total of 16 credits !!


I could not fit the entire degree audit on one page. But this is a sneak peak as to what it looks like. There are different sections on the check lists and you can have an extended look at each by clicking on it.


The red shows that I have not completed 120 credits(for all 4 yrs yrs) And I need to take at least 12 credits worth of 300 level course in all of my senior yr.