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Friday + the highlight- The Drag Show

I am a little late on talking about Spring Fling so I apologize. But I just wanted to take the time to say that the events were a success. Soooooo, YEY !!

Friday afternoon I had to give a tour so I was unable to enjoy the festivities as much as I wish I could. After my tour I rushed over to the South Lawn green to at least catch the end of the Candy Land BBQ. Its never fun to catch the end of something good; everyone is leaving, you’re just getting there- you’re pumped, everyone is sun drunk. No fun. I still managed to find some friends munching away at burgers and enjoying the good tunes played by members of the DJ Club.

Directly after playing in the sun for a bit I made my way to the Scholarship Dinner. All senior recipients of scholarships given by Skidmore Alumni attend a really fancy dinner event. At the reception and dinner, donors are expected to meet scholarship recipients.  In short, its good food, good talk (especially if you have really chatty donors at your table), and heaps of reminders that we should also be generous once we leave Skidmore (Already gave!!).  The two donors at my table were a lovely couple who’s daughter graduated from Skidmore. The wife is also a Skidmore graduate and the husband is currently a professor in the Education Department. It was such a pleasure hearing stories about what is was like to go to school in the 70s- I LOVE LOVE “back in the day” stories ! They are the best ! Especially from a couple who stated they were and still are hippies. I don’t think we could have had anyone better at our table. I could not help but hug and thank them for their time before I made my way to the student center for the DRAG SHOOOWWWWWW !

Busy day, huh ?

The Drag Show is an annual event organized by the Skidmore Pride Alliance. Every year the club tries their best to get a professional drag company to host the drag show. This year they booked Pandora Boxx of Ru Paul’s Drag Race. Don’t know the show? Oooof Its good. Anyway she was knee slapping, “oh dear gosh” hilarious- The best host pride has booked in all four years that I have been here. And the performers themselves were great. I also have never seen such a great turn out for the event. Pride did a fantastic job. The show was such a perfect way for me to get pumped about the rest of my Friday night; THANKS S.P.A !

Photos of Pandora Boxx below !!




“Can You Dig It?”

Last Sunday the Environmental Action Club* hosted their annual Harvest Dinner. Perfect timing too because on Sunday I was not in any mood to cook. Having to cook for yourself can be a pain in the rear sometimes. Most times your dinner burns to dust or is nothing more than a bag of 65cent noodles due to lack of time. I think my problem is that I’m often to tired to cook. But I digress. So Sunday= Harvest Dinner= so much ‘om nomming’ on veggie goods.

Amongst other things the EAC is responsible for maintaining the 40×60 Skidmore Garden* known for its success in growing produce such as radishes, beets, lettuce, peas, and spinach. Other vegetables include zucchinis, carrots, squash, broccoli, tomatoes, onions, leeks, beans, cucumbers, eggplant, peppers, and various herbs. These vegetables are used in the dining hall. At the beginning of the semester the EAC organizes a Harvest Dinner using only foods grown in the Skidmore Garden. The Dinner was held at Fasltaffs. Funny how one night Falstaffs hosts a party, black lights and music vibrating the floor, and the next its the location for a dinner, dim lights and modest table settings. Every table felt a bit like Thanksgiving. People were chatting, some with their mouths full anxious to discuss the events of their weekend. And others were meeting new friends. All of which occurred over delicious food thanks to both the EAC and Dinning Services and to the tunes of a student band.

Even desert was served, a delicious apple crisp (OH.MY.GOSH) with the perfect amount of crunch.


Skylar Sasson '12 collected donations at the door


Leo Cancelmo '12 loving his guitar


Only delicious food can bring a smile that big


*The EAC is also know for running the campus composting project on campus. All homes on campus are expected to use their composting bucket, provided by the EAC. It is a great club to join for all those interested in environmental issues regardless if an Environmental Studies Major, or those who just have a green thumb.

*The Skidmore Garden is not only used to grow yummy produce. For instance, an environmental studies major studying forest conservation,Joe ’14 has been obtaining soil samples from the Skidmore Garden which are being tested at UMass Amherst.