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You Asked: I remember hearing about a freshman seminar. Can you tell me more about it?

Every student is required to take a freshman seminar. Prior to coming to Skidmore, everyone submits their top choices for freshman seminars they would like to take. Students often time get a seminar that was amongst their top three choices. The classes are often no more than 15 students. There are many sections taught by professors from all departments. The professors teaching the seminars are teaching the course on a topic they themselves are passionate about, so the seminar can be a lot of fun for professors as well. All courses are given a summer reading. I feel like the freshman seminar is the course that helps each student develop into a college student, it helps to leave behind the high school mentality. The students within the course often times become good friends especially since all students in the same seminar section live in the same building; not necessarily the same suite, but they will all live in the same building. Which is cool because a solid set of 15 students develop a tight bond which can make things easier freshman year.
I really enjoyed my freshman seminar. I became friends with people I may have not otherwise and I the professor is also a great friend of mine. He and I catch up with coffee all the time.

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