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Too excited too soon.

The weekend before the last day of classes I was like “OH HECK YES !! ITS OVER !!” And then I remembered I still have two exams and three papers to get through before it is actually over- Wednesday evening.

We all celebrate too early. Especially because of FUNDAY. What is FUNDAY you ask? Its the best day ever. It will be the best day of every year. The Saturday before the last day of classes the entire campus celebrates on the green. A stage is set for bands to play, bouncy houses are every where, theres a dunking tank, a DJ plays on the gazebo, and free food and gifts are also everywhere. The celebration on the green officially starts at 11:30am and goes on until 5pm. But all students wake up at around 9am excited beyond belief as if it were Xmas morning. This amazing day happened- I had a blast. But the next day I was like, “OH NO STILL SO MUCH WORK TO DO !! “.

The last day of classes rolled around- last Tuesday- and I could not even get excited because I was still thinking about all the papers and exams I have to complete during finals week. Well that is what I am working on now, hence me being in on a Friday night.