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You asked: Hey, so I am wondering if you could help me with my college process. I am planning on majoring in government/political science. Are the readings in that department strenuous?

Skidmore College is an academically rigorous campus. So my guess is the work within that department is quite strenuous. If you have chosen that as a major its partly on the assumption that you enjoy the material. If you enjoy the material the work will not feel so bad.
Choose your major wisely.

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You asked: Hey Alta, What do you recommend for a student planning on going to law school. Should I major in Government or Economics?

It actually does not matter what you majored in when applying for Law School. Economics is encouraged because of the analytical skills attained, while Government courses will expose students to social issues in various societies/nations. Philosophy and English can help foster the writing skills needed to excel in Law school. There seems to be something to take away from all departments. I actually know of an Art major who was accepted to a number of Law schools.
Do not be afraid to take chances.

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