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100 Days ’til Graduation

The days until graduation are winding down fast and I feel as if everything around me is a reminder of this. I am sure the world is not out to get the over emotional bits of me, I’m sure it’s just me but it’s somewhat fun to point this stuff out. Some of the reminders are completely random and others are not. Last Friday’s 100 Days ’til Graduation Semi- Formal is probably one of the least random reminders that graduation is around the corner. I mean, this is an annual event. The senior class committee every year rents out a fancy ball room located in town and charges $5 for tickets for senior students and $10 for dates. We, the senior class, clean up and for some its the cleanliest they have looked in months; some people have no time to lose on showers and looking good when there are thesis to get done. Well maybe the lack of showers in months is a bit much but you get where I am going with this. Either way it is always heaps of fun to see friends out of the usual flannel tops, Skidmore sweatshirts, and damaged jeans and in some bow ties, suits, pearls, and dresses.

99.9% of the senior class lives in the Northwoods village on campus so the senior class council organized to have two huge buses shuttle students to and from the event. I mean these were your everyday cheese buses right out of an episode of the Magic School Bus, made not so every day, filled to capacity with screaming over- excited and over- dressed seniors. So of course the party starts on the bus with a few laughs a few songs to scream at the top of our lungs. I found it interesting how this event looks and feels and of course just is so different now that I was experiencing it as a senior. Its more of a “this is my event” kind of feeling. Which is understandable, I just had to throw that thought in there since I have attended this event as a junior. The meaning behind it is not there as it is when you are a senior.

As we entered the venue some made their way toward the delicious treats …including a chocolate fountain. Wait, what?! Yes, a chocolate fountain. Others went toward the bar- 21 and over! Niether of those were my first move. I went for the dance floor. By the time I arrived there were enough people busting some serious moves on the dance floor, some already with heels in hand. The DJ was fantastic. Of course I do not take a dance break until I am in unbearable foot pain and that pattern goes on through out the night with a bit of getting chocolate wasted during my breaks and small talk with my well dressed friends. By the time the dance was over I was way too tired. I hopped on that Magic School Bus, skipped the stop on Caroline St. which is filled with more bars than one can imagine and made my way back to Northwoods straight into my bed.

Overall the dance was everything I needed it to be.

*More photos coming soon.

Caity and Kadeem

Photo is a must before exiting the house.

"I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying AYOOOO!"

Wait, so this doesn’t last forever?

As I have mentioned it is Celebration Weekend. I loved that I had the opportunity to see some of my friends who just graduated. The class of 2011 is very dear to me. So many friends of mine graduated last semester. So much that in a way I thought I was a senior. I was talking to Odemaris Alicea’ 11 last night. I told her how it was so strange coming back to campus this semester without a bunch of my good friends here. I explained how it was just such a reality check. I think in so many ways I thought this would last forever. That I would be in this amazing place with all these amazing friends so close by, forever; the fun, laughs, learning would go on forever. And then 2011 rolled by before I even knew it and so many of my friends had to go graduate and go do stuff: change the world, make money, become apart of new communities, and see the real world. No longer will I walk 3 minutes to see them, instead I will drive hundreds of miles, and for some the closest I can be is a skype session or a phone call where virtual hugs replace loving arms. I no longer walk to class and see these faces in passing as I run late for class, yelling “call me later, lets get together”. And I am not in any way saying I do not still have great friends here. I do. What I am trying to say is that because I had so many friends who just graduated, and that I no longer see I realized more than ever that my Skidmore experience will not last forever. That I too will soon go out to save and see the world, hopefully make some money too!

WOW. That’s deep. I am sure this is not the last of my epiphanies. It is all apart of being a senior.

But since I am discussing friends of the class of 2011 I will talk about Erin Donnellan, who I just finished skyping !! – A great start to my morning. Erin was one of my closest friends at Skidmore. I wish more than ever that she could have visited this weekend but that is impossible. Erin is in the Peace Corps in Senegal, Africa. Cool, huh? I know !  Cool, yes, but so far ! 🙁  As much as I miss her I am so happy for her and so glad to hear that she is enjoying her work. I love seeing pictures of Erin on FB, her gorgeous face tanned form hours in the sun giving a huge smile from good times. I am sure Senegal is great but I can not wait till we can have her back state side.

Want to know more about what Erin is doing? Check out her blog.   http://africantreehugger.blogspot.com/

Below are some pictures Erin posted.