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The AdLibs.

I totally forgot to post about the AdLibs show I went to sometime last week or so. Silly me !

The Ad Libs are an improve group on campus. The only improv group, If I am not mistaken. Last week they had their Spring show. Its all improve and fun humour. It has a somewhat “Who’s Line Is It Anyway” feel to it. Which I am more than okay with; great show, right ?

Heres a short clip of the show- uh it involves improv songs and nose jobs. HARHAR LULZ. Watch to see what I mean.




Random Thought: Call me maybe..

“Hey I just met you, and this is crazy. But hear’s my number. So call me maybe”.

I wanted to hate this song so bad and I did. But now at every Skidmore house party I go to it comes on at least once. Guess I have to love it now and maybe I kind of do. I mean, I totally sang it at the top of my lungs last night. NoBigDeal. But I’m still confused as to whether we actually like it or we like it because we hate it? I really don’y know.

Anyway, that is my random thought of the day.





P.S Can you tell this song is stuck in my head right now?



SkidMeme: Double Majors


The meme craze; It’s funny how much a few words and a face expression can say.  Add Skidmore to the mix and what do you get? A whole lot of inside jokes for the Skidmore students.  But have no fear I am here to explain the SkidMemes.

“Oh, you say you’re a double major? Well aren’t you special”

A sarcastic play on how common it is for students to double major on this campus- double minors are quiet common as well; my housemate is a triple minor.  Some would say its a weird obsession with over achieving that comes over the Skidmore students upon arrival on campus. I’d say its the product of having a campus full of passionate students. We as people can easily be interested in a number of things. Skidmore encourages its students to fulfill all of these interests even if its something as “odd” as computer science and dance, for instance. These “odd” combinations are far from odd here. What can I say? Here, Creative Thought Matters.