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Clinical Interview and Report

I have said so much about Skidmore on this blog, yet I just realized that I have not said much on assignments that I have to complete or have been given. So I thought it would be nice to talk about one in particular that I find interesting this semester. This particular assignment is not only interesting but also my first big assignment of the semester. It is a Clinical Interview for my …. you guessed it !! Clinical Psychology course.

In the class we have been discussing methods and skills necessary for conducting clinical interviews, the appropriate relationships that a therapist/ psychologist can have with their client, the kind of information that is okay to keep completely confidential and that which is necessary to share with someone else. Now Professor Rye, who wears the best knitted sweaters I have ever seen, wants the class to practice everything we have learned in a mock clinical interview. I guess anything more real in practice than this would be talking to a real client. But I’m sure we can agree that there are ethical issues involved with that idea. Rye organized for us to each be assigned to a student from his Abnormal Psychology course. These students will be our “play” clients whom we would be meeting for the first time. I made sure to say for the first time because all the introductory aspects of the interview are expected. This includes the ‘Hi, I am..”, “Everything here remains confidential..”, “Now tell me what brings you in…”. The interview has to be recorded and the “best” 6 minutes of it will be presented to the class. Our grade also depends on the review form the “client” completes about our interviewing skills.

I just finished contacting my “client” about when is best to meet for our interview. I still have not decided where to do the interview. But I am so thinking by one of the fire places of the atrium in the Dining Hall.

What happens before breaks…

I realized it has been too long since I have updated on the life I am living at Skidmore. Much has happened but before I even get into updates I first want to blame my lack of blogging on the intense amount of work I have had and the fact that break was approaching. Whenever a break is close by I, and I guess I am not the only one, make a frantic mess of myself. This frantic mess involves getting as much work done as possible wile fighting back the strong feelings of wanting to procrastinate because my body and mind decide they want to go on vacation a little early. So yes, I have been a hot mess the last few days. It feels really good to have a break, I think I really needed it. I do however, have tons of work to get done this break, so that somewhat ruins the fun but turkey will be put into my schedule somewhere so I can’t complain too much.

Here’s a little Thanksgiving fun from a favorite classic, A Christmas Story.



A Week in My Shoes.

Monday* (“Oh no its Monday again!”)

Religion and Culture 11:15- 12:10

Tuesday (“Am I really supposed to get all this done by the end of the week?”)

Evolutionary Psychology 8:10-  9:30

Religion and Culture 11:10- 12:30

Psychology of Religion 2:10- 3:30

God/Body/Beauty 3:40- 5:30

Wrk.Annual Fund 6:30- 9

Wednesday* (Yey, HumpDay!”)

Wrk.Annual Fund 6:30- 9

Thursday (“So Happy Its Thursday; So close!”)

Evolutionary Psychology 8:10-  9:30

Religion and Culture  11:10- 12:30

Psychology of Religion 2:10- 3:30

God/Body/Beauty 3:40- 5:30


Wrk.Admissions Tour 1- 2:30

Saturday* (“To homework?, or to rest and fun?! “)

Direct Ujima Fashion Show Practice 1- 3

Sunday* (“Wish weekends were longer”)


*There is a great chance that during some part of the time I do not have work or class on this day I am baby sitting for a Skidmore professor or coach.

All- Nighter

All- nighter a period from night to day which involves all work and no sleep. All- nighters often involve many cups of coffee and or energy drinks. They are often pulled prior to the day a major assignment is due or an exam is scheduled and often are a sign the individual taking part in the all- nighter has an unmanageabale schedule or is much too good at procrastinating. Most all- nighter end like this:


Last night I pulled my first all- nighter of the semester. Fortunately, I did not end up like the girl above (she forgot coffee). I use to pull all- nighters often sometime around my freshman and sophomore years not because I procrastinated but because I am always way busy. So busy that my days then and now tend to end around 10p which is when the homework begins. I am not the only one. Many students at Skidmore have so much on their plate, by choice. So one is never alone staying up all night.

This semester on top of having a full time schedule I am working three campus jobs and I baby sit off campus here and there and I am a director for the Ujima Fashion Show. I promise I am not complaining. I like being busy. I feel like I make better use of time when I am busy. Last night I stood up all night to get ahead of my work as oppose to catching up. I want to make sure I have all my reading done this week and get an early start on a big assignment due next week Tuesday. I surprisingly do not feel too bad right now but I am sure I’ll pass out as soon as I see anything that even resembles a bed.

Staying awake at work

Work, Work, Work. Then Fun, Fun, Fun.

ITS SATURDAY !!  The second best thing to Friday.
How do I spend my Saturdays, you ask? With tons of reading. Saturdays are no fun because I choose to make them no fun; Until 9pm that is. Game plan is- do tons of homework so I don’t feel bad about having fun later.
And tonight is the SPECTRUM dance- one of two of the Skidmore Pride Alliances’ annual dances. Of which I made a really sick mask for. The theme is “Masquerade” !

But its not 9pm yet, which is when my housemates and I will get ready. So until then its just me, myself, and my books, oh an coffee of course.