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You Asked: Do you think double majoring is beneficial in Skidmore? Do you know of anyone double majoring with Economics being one of them?

I would not necessarily call double majoring beneficial but I will say it is very common. Not beneficial because its something that should be done by choice not because one feels they have to. If you are interested in more than one subject go for it. If not, don’t. Double majoring means you have less time to take electives and more required courses to take. Many Skidmore students double major, major and minor, or major and double minor. I think it’s because many of our students are passionate and interested in a number of areas. Skidmore encourages students to fulfill all passions and interests.

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You asked: What makes Skidmore unique to you?

The fact that Skidmore is far from a “cookie cutter” school is what makes it unique to me. When I visited as a prospective student I noticed that the campus is very diverse in interests, passions, and talents of the students. No student was like any other; all students are aware of that and appreciate that diversity. Here you will find students who are studying neuroscience and art, for instance, or psychology and religion or theatre and philosophy; combinations that some may think makes no sense but with close observation makes so much sense. Our students find creative ways to make their passions and interests work together.
I mean, our alma mater is CREATIVE THOUGHT MATTERS for a reason.

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