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You Asked: Can students have jobs on campus?

Absolutely! There are so many jobs on campus. For instance, students can work at the dining hall, in any department on campus, for admissions, for the annual fund and the list goes on and on. Work study students are required to work in the dining hall their first year as a student, after the first year they can work any where else on campus. All students, work study or not, can work on campus. Most students apply for jobs online; the campus posts all positions available months before the semester begins. Skidmore also has available positions during the summer which is great because if you work on campus during the summer you can live on campus and who doesn’t want to be here for the summer ?!

One of the positions I have on campus is with admissions. I am a “Admissions Ambassador”. I give meet prospective families giving tours and greeting them as they enter the office.

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