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New Plan.

So I am sure you all have gotten the idea that I have been thinking up a plan for what I will do after I graduate. When I started blogging I was somewhat sure that I would fly off to Australia immediately after accepting my diploma. I would’ve speant a year or two there learning more about myself and life and enjoying the sun, kangaroos, and koalas. Plans have changed. Who know if this will be the first time this happens. But as of now I decided I want to work in youth development directly after I graduate. I have been in touch with some awesome people with the help of my Skidmore connections and alumni network. Hopefully something comes of it. I hope to make a difference and develop a tighter grip on me and life and such and then from there I will apply to grad school….and maybe Australia for a year before that. An important thing I am learning is that it seems nearly impossible to make a “5 year plan”; life happens and thins change including yourself. Sometimes going with the flow a bit is okay.


Australia. During orientation. Such a cool photo. I couldn't help but share.


Celebration Weekend: Alumni, Friends, and Parents of Skidmore

I walk into Case Center* and everywhere I look there is a couple sitting at a table, both reading the newspaper as they would at the kitchen table, and looking a little too old to be Skidmore students. And then I realized it is CELEBRATION WEEKEND. Alumni, parents and friends of Skidmore College visit the campus for this weekend. Numerous events are organized just for fun. These events include tours, a movie night, sports games, a 5-Run- Walk, and an “Under the Big Top” ** Show. Unfortunately my mom could not visit this year but this weekend still puts a smile on my face. It’s always so sweet to see students holding their parent’s arm, walking across campus pointing to different buildings as they tell stories. I recognize the excitement in everyones face. Every time I have someone visit I give them a tour. I love sharing this place, that makes me so happy with others who care to listen. I also enjoy meeting my friends’ parents; To see where their funny mannerisms come from.

Skidmore’s first Career Jam of the year is also being hosted today. A total of about 40+ parents and alumni offer their time to the campus to speak with students about their specific career paths. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to network and receive some wise words. Career Jam is a very popular event especially among the juniors and seniors on campus. Students dress up, print multiple copies of their resumes ready to give firm handshakes and make small talk with professionals. This is a genius event organized by Career Services. I actually have to go home, change, and head there now !


*Case Center is what I consider the center of campus. Its is the Student Center or Student union. During the day Case is pretty busy with students catching up, grabbing their third refill of coffee, or possibly making some last touches to their homework assignment.

**”Under the Big Top” is a performance held every Celebration Weekend where all performance groups on campus…well, perform.