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You Asked: Hey, what are you planning on doing after you graduate with your psychology degree? Any ideas on where you will be living?

After graduation I would like to dive in to the real world and work for about a year or two. I want to dedicate my life to at- risk and troubled youth in academic settings. if things work out as planned I will be doing just that after Skidmore and then get my masters in clinical psychology. After that? who knows? I rather not plan too ahead.

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You Asked: How has Skidmore helped with yourplans for graduation ?

This is a great question. The resources Skidmore offeres have been unbelievably helpful. Since the start of this year I have frequented the Career Services office. Career Services helps with everything from editing your resume to getting you in touch with alumni who are currently in the field you are interested in. I had my resume completed, my linked in created, and contacted heaps of alumni. I also received great tips for interviewing; thanks to those I was extremely confident during my last interview.

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You asked: Hey Alta, What do you recommend for a student planning on going to law school. Should I major in Government or Economics?

It actually does not matter what you majored in when applying for Law School. Economics is encouraged because of the analytical skills attained, while Government courses will expose students to social issues in various societies/nations. Philosophy and English can help foster the writing skills needed to excel in Law school. There seems to be something to take away from all departments. I actually know of an Art major who was accepted to a number of Law schools.
Do not be afraid to take chances.

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