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You Asked: Hey, I am wondering how are the pre-professional clubs on campus? For example, do you know of any Pre-Med/Pre-Law clubs on campus that can help students who are pursuing careers in those fields? Thank you

As far that I know we have a Pre- Law club. It actually is new; just got chartered by the Student Government Association and will be up and running next semester.
For students interested in Pre- Med and such we do not have a major. However, we do have a focus. Skidmore has HPAC, the Health Professions Advisory Committee, which assists students interested in pursuing medicine in the future. They will advise students on which courses to take in preparation for Medical, Dental, or Veterinary Schools. I think about 70-70% of the students at Skidmore who are studying Chemistry and or Biology go on to Med school. This statistic is equal or better than that of the top liberal arts school in the country.
Don’t bee fooled. A liberal arts education is still a great way to go even when interested in Medicine.

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