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You Asked: parents, changes, professors, Spring Break, and internships!

how did your parents feel about you choosing to attend skidmore ?

My mother was thrilled. She trusts my decision making skills and was well aware that Skidmore is a fantastic school. Seeing how happy I have been in the last few years, I am sure she is still very happy with the decision I made.

is there anything you would have done differently during the last few years?

I wish I would have attended more events. Thought that would mean I am also wishing to split myself in four people and have more time in the day.

have you ever had a favorite professor ?

Yes I have. I have had about two favorites along the way. These professors were the warmest of the bunch and the funniest. Should I say names? …. NAAAAHHHH

when is your spring break ? and how much time off do you get ?

Spring Break was about two weeks ago. We are given one week off. Once Spring Break is over, you realize the year is almost over. Wow !

What type of internship programs does Skidmore sponsor?

My experience getting internships was a little different. When I realized I wanted to work with at- risk youth I decided that I wanted to intern at youth shelters. I told a professor about this and he made a few phone calls to a few of his contacts and within the next week I was working at a youth shelter in Balston Spa which is the nest town over. The following semester I did the same thing and was working at a different youth shelter in Malta, also one town over. Some course require internship work which can make things pretty easy. Career services is also a fantastic resource. They can get students in touch with local businesses and organizations, alumni, and parents of students.
If you want the experience, you will find it.


Fem.Theo. Canceled.

I normally have Feminist Theologies on Tuesday evenings. An interesting course taught by an interesting “Professor S”. We walked into class today and expected to discuss “Sisters of Wilderness”, the work of Delores S. Williams. As usual Professor S enters the room after us, her small stature doing no justice to her strong personality. Professor S sits in her seat and shares that she was done for the day. A good friend of hers had passed the day before and her dog this morning. This was the last thing that I had expected her to tell us but I admired her for sharing what was going on with the class as opposed to giving us an ambiguous email or a “class has been canceled” sign on the door of room 107 in Ladd Hall.

Some of our professors seem like super professors, often traveling giving lectures on all corners of the world, working on books as they still make themselves available to students who care to stop by for a short chat in their office. But this was one of those moments where you stop and think that they also are people and have their days when they need some time off. For the rest of the day my professor was in my thoughts in hopes that tomorrow will be a little easier.