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You asked: is there stuff to do nearby? do a lot of people go home over the weekends?

Skidmore College by no means is a “suitcase” campus. On Friday afternoons students are not eagerly looking at the clock waiting to be dismissed so they can pack their suitcase and go home. There is so much to do on campus and off campus that students enjoy sticking around for the weekends. I myself like to joke how I have not been home since I first arrived at Skidmore. On campus, every night of the week there is an event going on anything from lectures to concerts and parties. Saratoga is a great location. It is a town that can survive on its own, it does not need Skidmore students to flourish. There are tons of restaurants– everything from Italian to Asian cuisine, adorable shops, an art district, a mall and the list goes on. What is amazing is that all this continues during the summer. Summer Saratoga includes performances at the Saratoga Arts Center, Arts Festival, and the racetrack. And for the outdoorsy types, the Adirondack mountains are about 20 minutes north; a great place to do some hiking, camping and even snow sports.
SO MUCH TO DO. YOU WILL NOT GO HOME … EVER !! warn your parents.

I <3 Saratoga Springs

Yesterday I decided to do work in town as opposed to the cozy cave that is my room. For me, there is nothing like work with the scent of coffee lingering in the air so I really enjoy doing work in coffee shops. There are so many to choose from in town. My choice of location just depends on my mood. My ‘mood’ called for a small, personal coffee place called Virgil’s House. Never over crowded or noisy, Virgil’s is the perfect location for studying. Every table is equipped with a board game or a puzzle set making it a great space for some casual alone time or a friendly game amongst two friends.
As I sat and pulled out my text book I glanced out the window; coffee cup hot at the palms of my hand, my eyes caught sight of fallen leaves; beautiful oranges and reds. At this moment, rather than catching up on the theories of Richard Dawkins and the “Selfish Gene”, I thought about how much I love Saratoga Springs. I truly am in love with this town. Many have asked me how I managed to make such a transition from the busy concrete jungle to the relaxed town of “healing springs”. I think the town speaks for itself.
I find everything about the town charming. The size is perfect, with a population size of 30,000 the town is just the right size to make enough friends but not too small that it depends on the campus for life. If Skidmore were to magically disappear Saratoga would do just fine. There are countless eateries. Everything from Asian to Italian cuisine, sweet locations to catch a quick bite or fancy settings for any special occasion. Coffee shops, boutiques, bars, restaurants, you name it it’s here. And the best part is they are all small and personal.
During the summer, the town picks up. The famous Saratoga Race Track attracts families from all over. The summer population size triples. The Saratoga Performing Arts Center features performances varying from the Philadelphia Orchestra to Lil’ Wayne. The weather is just right. Taking a bus or drive to point B from point A will come at the expense of enjoying the great sights of the college campus and town. Flowers are spread out thoughtfully making every walk a romantic one. And no day is ever dull with so much to do including free events on campus and in town. I could go on for quite a bit but I think you get the point.
I guess what I am saying is there is a reason why I have spent pretty much all of my academic vacations in Saratoga Springs. Some say I have turned my back to NYC, I say I have found a new home, a new love.