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Another thing to love about Skidmore: the beauty of the campus. This campus looks absolutely beautiful year round. The campus has a lot of open space and green which makes it a perfect canvas for every season.

Winter covers the campus in a blanket of white. Students sculpting 6 foot tall snow people is a pleasure to see. Facilities is always really good about clearing the path ways and no worries about the cold and/ or snow, nearly the entire campus is covered and many of the academic buildings are connected.

Spring/ Summer means flowers every where. Whoever is in charge of the outdoor landscaping deserves to be awarded. All kinds of flowers tempt visitors to stop and take a sniff and maybe pluck one for an accessory. Students never fail to take advantage of their free time to lay out in the sun or play a few out door sports.

Fiery reds, warm oranges, and vibrant yellows are a sight during the Fall. I think Fall is my favorite, until Spring arrives.

Here is what the campus looks like now. I wish I had a cooler camera so I could do justice to the campus.