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You Asked…..Cars, graduation, athletes, summers, majors, and missing Skidmore.

Can you have a car on campus?

Yes you may. You are actually allowed to have a car all four years (also guaranteed housing all four years). And there is always space for parking.

Where is your graduation going to be ?

At the Saratoga Performing Arts Center. A beautiful performing arts center located in the southern tip of Saratoga (a ten minute drive from campus). During the summer SPAC hosts a wide variety of performances ranging from the Philadelphia Orchestra to Lil’ Wayne.


What support do athletes get?

Athletes, because of their busy schedule balancing classes and such, will become very familiar with Student Academic Services. Here the athletes are given an advisor who assists the student in organizing a class schedule and study schedule. If a tutor is needed someone in SAS will match the athlete with a tutor. SAS also is also equipped study rooms and snacks. All of these “services” are also available to the rest of the campus.

What are summers like on campus?

SSSSOOOOO MUCH FUN !! Students can stay on campus if they are taking a class, working, or working an internship/ research. I absolutely recommend staying a summer. All students staying for the summer live in Scribner Village on campus. I would guess about 400 students stick around. The rest of the campus is occupied by visitors staying for one of the many programs hosted here during the summer. It is a great opportunity to meet students because everyone is so eager to “chill” during their down time and everyones down time is around the same times of the day since most people are working or going to class during business hours. The campus is gorgeous. The town triples in size and there is just so much to do. SPAC opens with great ways to score cheap tickets.
I have been here every summer and have no regrets.

What are the least popular majors at Skidmore?

Hmmm, that is a tough question. I do not know for sure. But if I had to guess I would say computer science. It is such a small department.

what will you miss most about Skidmore?

Literally everything. I love everything and will miss everything. Skidmore has given me some of the best experiences, networks, and memories ever and I am so glad that I can take that much with me after graduation but in many ways I wish all of it were coming with me.
What is there not to love.

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