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Junior Ring Weekend

This week is the last of the semester. Let’s take a second to let that marinate. (PAUSE) THE LAST WEEK OF THE FIRST SEMESTER OF MY LAST YEAR. Just imagine me saying that last sentence with a surprised OMG look on my face. I can’t believe it. Anyway, instead of getting super emotional about that and the thought of having finals (“Oh hello lack of sleep, its been a while. I haven’t seen you since last semester’s finals”) I’ll discuss something on the lighter side of moods, Junior Ring Weekend. I am absolutely aware that I am a bit late on giving Jr Ring some blogitty attention but who cares, a good time is worth telling no matter how late.

Last Thursday kicked off Junior Ring Weekend, organized by the Junior Class Council. JRW is one of Skidmore’s traditions. Its always scheduled for the Fall semester right before finals. I think JRW is great; planned fun during such a stressful time.

The schedule for Junior Ring Weekend was:

Thursday Dec 1st :

Tree Lighting Ceremony – 6PM on Case Green. Everyone gathered outside on the green to watch the climactic moment when the switch is turned and the holiday tree is lit. Hot cocoa and apple cider donuts were in the palms of cold and finals stressed students as they listened to the sounds of Skidmore’s a- capella groups.

Friday Dec 2nd:

Mr. Skidmore: The Search for the Modern Mr. Gatsby – 8PM at the Spa. I have actually never attended a Mr. Skidmore event but I heard its heaps of fun. I was hoping to attend this year but I am babysitting for a Skidprofessor and then a Skidcoach. Sad times; not the kids, just the missing Mr. Skidmore part. Apparently its now a tradition after the student government association decided to create an all male friendly event years ago. So I guess you could  say Mr. Skidmore is Skidmore’s Mr. America pageant.

Saturday 3rd:

Flag Football – 10AM at Wachenheim Field. I so wanted to join in on this one. But I had to attend the synagogue in town and then lead fashion show practice. I passed by the soccer field, spotted a few seconds of what looked like some really intense flag foot ball games. A tiny feeling of jealousy creeped up my back, well not actually, but you know what I mean. I really enjoy being active especially when it involves me showing off how not “girly” I am.

Junior Ring Dance:  Luck Be a Lady Tonight – 10PM in the Big Gym. The dance was a major success. I know its a tough thing to do, plan an event designed for the entire school in hopes of impressing everyone and avoiding the high school cheesy dance/prom feel. After a long semester its great to be all fancy- ful for a night. And boy can us Skiddies get down with our fancy- ful selves. The dance was held in our main gym. Walking into the space used you’d forget it was a gym. All walls were covered is fabric, decorations everywhere, a beer garden in one corner with a chandelier hanging over it, and to go with the theme poker/ black jack tables set up. Upon entering the dance students used their ticket in exchange for chips of which were used to gamble. WOOHOO. I won nothing so I have no idea why I am woohoo- ing. But the idea was awesome. The whole thing was great. I and my friends stuck around until the end, we walked out of there heels in hand, feet sore. A sure sign of a good night.
All in all, JRW was a chance of use to take the load off for a bit in preparation for the hell week ahead of us. Wish me luck. No but really, wish me luck!!

Silly housemates.

More fancy fancy

Such a handsome photo.

Skidmore Halloweekend



Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. Yes, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the other mushy holidays are great but if I want really yummy food, friends and family I can always just host a potluck. But there is no way I can dress up as whatever I’d like on any casual day and eat as much candy as my stomach can handle without feeling guilty about it. Halloween Rocks!

I love spending Halloween at Skidmore. Here Halloween is a weekend long holiday. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday; three days of Halloween themed fun. And for some the fun continues on to Sunday and Monday. Some students plan not just one costume but three. One for every night of fun. And here, we are pretty good at this dressing up game (except for me, this year I pulled a last minute costume together, I was Thing 1). Most costumes I spotted were either really crafty (e.g DeadMau5 head) or way clever (e.g Dressing up all four seasons).

Every year Skidmore hosts a campus wide party for Halloween, Moorebid Ball. Moorebid use to be held at Moore Hall. Moore was an off campus dormitory near the old campus, but a few years ago the building was sold. From then on Moorebid has been held in Case Center/ the Student Union on campus. It’s always been incredible. Two floors, Two Dj stations, camera booths, and a whole lot of scoping out the scene to see what everyone is wearing. The Class of 2014 is the largest class Skidmore has seen in years, thanks to them Moorebid was held in the Sports Center this year; two gyms, two Dj stations, and sick decorations. Unfortunately the event was shut down early. Apparently it got to a point where it was just way too over crowded. Safety first! It ended early but I had a good time none the less. Seeing peoples costumes is all the fun for me. After the party I made my way downtown and that in itself was a sight to see. Caroline street was, well Caroline street. Heaps of people hopping from bar to bar, lines several feet long outside of bars and clubs. Except this night everyone was dressed up. So it was just so funny to see a clown, for instance, standing beside an angel, the Macho Man, Scooby Doo, and a Cowboy to get into a venue; to people- watch and see a lumber jack trying his best to make his moves and score a squirrels phone number. Too funny.

But I promise the fun did not exclusively involve parties and such. A number of events/ activities were planned for Halloween aside from partying. For instance, Friday night I swung by a “classic horror film and pumpkin carving” event. The last time I tried to carve a pumpkin I destroyed the thing. So I made sure to skip that bit. And Yesterday children from town visited the campus with their families to trick- or – treat on campus. I was overwhelmed with cute. Everywhere I looked I saw kids as young as three running from door to dear, bucket in hand in hopes of scoring “the good stuff”, CHOCOLATE. Well, at least thats what I considered “the good stuff” when I was three. Speaking of chocolate, I’m thinking I should purchase some chocolate now at the Burgess Cafe.


“This is Halloween, This is Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween, Halloween!!!”

Bet that song is now stuck in your head. MUAHAHHAHA


Enjoy the pictures below:: THIS IS (a taste of ) HALLOWEEN (at Skidmore) !!


Lady Gaga. "Born This Way" video.

A Greaser


Thing 1.

Tony Quattro and DJ Ramses

A Lucha Libre Fighter

"Hey Arnold!"

Hannah Montana!! Get it?!! (Her name is actually Hannah)

A Jackson Pollock painting

"Give a Hoot, don't Pollute"


J'adore Halloween!

Nice of DeadMAU5 to show, mid tour


THE HUNT: A scavenger hunt organized by the outing club. The outing club is one of the, if not the, largest club on campus. They organize weekly outing trips every weekend including rock climbing, snow boarding, and camping. What’s great is that if you do not have any of the equipment for a trip you are more than welcome to email the club list to find someone who does and is willing to lend you the equipment. Club members can also pick and choose which trips they’d like to attend. So like I was saying, this club organizes a scavenger hunt. Forty teams of five pay a small fee to sign up, of which I am sure goes to charity and are given a list, two pages long with tasks to compete. Sometimes the tasks are really obscure  and teams are expected to be as creative as possible. Well, the only way to win is to be extremely creative. As many teams do, my team made uniforms. We were the “Sailor Scouts” so we dressed like sailor moon characters. I was Sailor Jupiter. We also choreographed a dance routine to two original songs. This event goes on for an entire day. Some of the tasks are time sensitive. One of which stated participants had to behave like velociraptors on a street corner in town at exactly 6:17 pm. The sight of about 100+ students on a street corner behaving raptor like was too funny. The sailor scouts also flash mobbed inside a local Stewarts.  Unfortunately, the sailor scouts did not win but we had a hell of a time and that’s all that matters. Later that night we just continued the fun at a post- Hunt dance party.

The Sailor Scouts

The 21 Club

Guessing this team's costume was a onesy


Celebration Weekend: Alumni, Friends, and Parents of Skidmore

I walk into Case Center* and everywhere I look there is a couple sitting at a table, both reading the newspaper as they would at the kitchen table, and looking a little too old to be Skidmore students. And then I realized it is CELEBRATION WEEKEND. Alumni, parents and friends of Skidmore College visit the campus for this weekend. Numerous events are organized just for fun. These events include tours, a movie night, sports games, a 5-Run- Walk, and an “Under the Big Top” ** Show. Unfortunately my mom could not visit this year but this weekend still puts a smile on my face. It’s always so sweet to see students holding their parent’s arm, walking across campus pointing to different buildings as they tell stories. I recognize the excitement in everyones face. Every time I have someone visit I give them a tour. I love sharing this place, that makes me so happy with others who care to listen. I also enjoy meeting my friends’ parents; To see where their funny mannerisms come from.

Skidmore’s first Career Jam of the year is also being hosted today. A total of about 40+ parents and alumni offer their time to the campus to speak with students about their specific career paths. This is a fantastic opportunity for students to network and receive some wise words. Career Jam is a very popular event especially among the juniors and seniors on campus. Students dress up, print multiple copies of their resumes ready to give firm handshakes and make small talk with professionals. This is a genius event organized by Career Services. I actually have to go home, change, and head there now !


*Case Center is what I consider the center of campus. Its is the Student Center or Student union. During the day Case is pretty busy with students catching up, grabbing their third refill of coffee, or possibly making some last touches to their homework assignment.

**”Under the Big Top” is a performance held every Celebration Weekend where all performance groups on campus…well, perform.