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Filling in Blanks: Winter Break and Fashion Show.

It is still the beginning of my last semester at Skidmore. Sad times. I spent my winter break trying to rest, though not too much of that happened. During my breaks I usually work as a hostess at a Cuban Restaurant in Times Square- Havana Central Times Square. I was working 35 hr weeks. When I was not working I spent my time catching up with alumni. Because I have been at Skidmore / Saratoga for so long, I have recently been experiencing NYC a little different. By the time I left for Skidmore years back I was so over the over- the- top city pace. To the point where I longed to be back at Skidmore whenever I went to visit NYC. I realized now whenever I go back I spend a lot of my time with the awesome network I have developed since being at Skidmore. I am now re- experienicing NYC through my Skid- friends. And I now love NYC again and actually enjoy myself when I visit.

Co- directors, Nenesi Ibru and Xavier Hatten, and I walking during the credits.

When I returned to campus after winter break. I felt well rested and ready to tackle some unfinished business. One task being the Ujima Fashion Show. For several years, 22 to be exact, Ujima, the African- American and Carribbean Awareness group at Skidmore has organized a fashion show. The show is held during Black History Month. It is a fun event that shares information on Black History and helps develop a lasting relationship between the Saratoga Community and the campus. The event is public and local businesses participate in the show. I have been apart of this event since freshman year. This year was my second time directing as opposed to modeling. The directing process is definitely stressful and involves planning every little detail of the show. Directing the show most definitely tested my organizational skills, professionalism, and commitment. Despite the last minute running around the show was an absolute success. The process was fun but I am so glad it is over. No more daily phone calls to businesses, no more running practice, no more 3 hour meetings with my co- directors. The entire thing was surreal.