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Tower, Banderboys, and Pizza.

Standing 11 stories high, Johnson Tower is a dormitory on campus with its roof being the highest point in Saratoga Springs. The penthouse of tower, located on its top floor is a common room for the building and one of my favorite places on campus. The penthouse over looks the entire campus and Saratoga, also offering a sweet view of the Adirondack Mountains in the distance.

Last night Johnson Tower invited the Bandersnatchers to sing during their all hall.All resident assistants (there are 1 on every floor) on campus are required to organize at least 8 all halls per semester. These may include food, helpful information, a performance, a movie, or even fun games all of which are expected to serve as a study break and to build community within the dormitory. Last night pizza was served with a side of some sweet voices.

The Bandersnatchers are an all male ac-cappella* group on campus. A handsome bunch I must add, who sing tunes that can make you do nothing more than smile, fall in love, or laugh out loud.

*Below the pictures you will find a video of the lovely men singing. Enjoy 🙂

Many came to watch at the Tower Penthouse

I so want that red cardigan


*If I am not mistaken there are about 8 ac-capella groups in total on campus. One of which is all male, two all female, one a charity group, and one open to all without auditions. Students are more than welcome to join/ audition regardless if they have any experience in music.