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You Asked: How cold are the winters at Skidmore? As someone who doesn’t like the cold but loves the school, would I be traumatized by the winters in Saratoga?

It can get pretty cold. The worst of the winter is December to the beginning of February- thank goodness we are gone for most of that since winter break is mid/ late December to late January. Some days are as cold as 0 degrees or maybe colder. As far as the snow goes, there can be heaps! I wouldn’t say it snows often in the winter. But when it does snow, it snows a lot. What helps is that the buildings have central heating and most of the campus is covered. Also, many of our academic buildings are connected so you may stay in doors for an entire day of classes and the campus is not very large so students do not spend much time out doors when traveling from one building to another.
The winters at Skidmore (Saratoga Springs) are no different than winters in most NorthEast areas. For instance, I am from NYC. Winters are just as cold there as they are here. Except Saratoga gets more snow. The campus and town are great about clearing the snow.

Remember to put “Coat” on your check list for things to buy/ bring up to Skidmore.

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No idea what you would do in the snow? Here are some ideas!


Another thing to love about Skidmore: the beauty of the campus. This campus looks absolutely beautiful year round. The campus has a lot of open space and green which makes it a perfect canvas for every season.

Winter covers the campus in a blanket of white. Students sculpting 6 foot tall snow people is a pleasure to see. Facilities is always really good about clearing the path ways and no worries about the cold and/ or snow, nearly the entire campus is covered and many of the academic buildings are connected.

Spring/ Summer means flowers every where. Whoever is in charge of the outdoor landscaping deserves to be awarded. All kinds of flowers tempt visitors to stop and take a sniff and maybe pluck one for an accessory. Students never fail to take advantage of their free time to lay out in the sun or play a few out door sports.

Fiery reds, warm oranges, and vibrant yellows are a sight during the Fall. I think Fall is my favorite, until Spring arrives.

Here is what the campus looks like now. I wish I had a cooler camera so I could do justice to the campus.