Eight lucky “winners”

Creative Thought Matters in London!

A great opportunity just opened up for eight incoming Skidmore students: a chance to spend their first semester in London!

Students at Trafalgar Square

Students at Trafalgar Square

Each fall, 36 members of the entering class at Skidmore spend their fall semester in our London Program with two Skidmore faculty. This fall, the group will be accompanied by Professor Erica Bastress-Dukehart of the history department and Professor Tom Lewis of the English faculty. Information on their academic backgrounds and descriptions of the First-Year Scribner Seminars they will be offering in London are included here.

First-Year London students take their remaining courses at our affiliate, the Institute for the International Education of Students (IES) for the fall semester, receive full Skidmore credit towards all-college requirements and their Skidmore degree, and join their classmates on campus in January for the second semester. All courses are supplemented by a variety of out-of-class activities that utilize London as a resource to enhance in-class work. Participation in the First-Year London Program does not preclude opportunities to study abroad again as an upper-class student.  The London students will arrive in Saratoga Springs on August 19th for a two-day on-campus orientation program prior to their departure, as a group, for New York City where they will fly to London, arriving on August 22nd.

It’s a great opportunity and just another reason why you should consider Skidmore College!


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