Dreams: Many Deferred, One Realized

bless the sacrifices that allow me to fly to new worlds

The Colours of Melbourne Part 2

Race is what we see and what bases our judgments. Race, as permeating and detrimental as it is, is also so surface. Race alone is not what determines connection, understanding, and belonging. The people in my program and me don’t… Continue Reading →

The Colours of Melbourne Part 1

Our anthem for today is “What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue” by The Louis Armstrong. Our text for today is Invisible Man by Mr. Ralph Ellison. The narrator of Invisible Man lets you know, “I am… Continue Reading →

Wishing on Right Now

Too often I have to remind myself who I am and where I am and what I’m doing. God made my heart, knows all of my desires, and has gifted them to me. I’ve always wanted to live in a… Continue Reading →


I am part of the IFSA-Butler program in Melbourne, Australia because of Skidmore College. I am at Skidmore College because of the Opportunity Program. The Opportunity Program has been such a light in my life since I first met the… Continue Reading →

The Second Part

Will Smith said, “I always feel like I’m looking for something, but I don’t really know what it is. I can tell when I’m near it and I’m pretty sure I’ll know when I find it; but until then, I’m… Continue Reading →

The First Part

During my break before soaring to Melbourne, Australia, I read Michelle Obama’s Becoming. I found my way to a passage that goes, “My father had simply run out of money to pay tuition, joining the Army instead. He’d had no… Continue Reading →

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