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Month May 2019

Old Oak

The last assignment from this semester I’ll share with you: Psalm 1:3 Faith stands out of sight in the tight space between the square house and wooden fence. The fence is plastered with scriptures that her grandmother called tried and… Continue Reading →

Outside In

An assignment done for class: I was full of laughter before I was full of insecurity. “You must laugh a lot. People who laugh a lot have wrinkles around their mouth; they call them laugh lines.” Some guy at a… Continue Reading →

A Rainy Night in Melbourne

It turns out a few people in my IFSA program and I have a love for classical music in common. A girl in my program advertised a free ticket to see her play at the Melbourne Recital Center in our… Continue Reading →

Connecting to Connection

In a previous blog, I said, “rejection or absence of connection with one or a number of people does not make me undesirable or unworthy or less – it simply means there is no connection between the person and I.”… Continue Reading →

The Same Bri in Australia and North America (Accomplished)

Today, I woke up with terrible menstrual cramps. This is important for you to know, because I still had The Best day of all of my days in Australia despite this. I went to my Wellbeing, Motivation, and Performance lecture… Continue Reading →

Two Dreams Realized

Grammy, who earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as a mother and wife living at home, said to me, “I lived in a dorm. I know what dorm life is like.” She said, “It was like being in a different… Continue Reading →


A day in the life of a Bri abroad on a Wednesday when she doesn’t have class: Today, I woke up with my friend Katy. She spent the night, because she went to the swing club and stayed out late… Continue Reading →

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