“The Joy of Living is the Gratitude of the Moment”

My plane ride with lovely Peg (she told me something along the lines of “don’t worry about money – live and think about it later”. She helped me realize departure doesn’t always have to be leaving something behind, it can also mean moving towards something (or someone) special).

Having my first Australian coffee in Sydney (chai latte with 4 sugars).

Getting a boomerang from the man who led us in an Indigenous Welcoming Ceremony.

Buying my first beer at the worst bar and restaurant of the trip.

Sitting in a chair I’ve always wanted, overlooking the city of Sydney.

Going to a silent disco night at a club.

Seeing live penguins (and those birds from Finding Nemo).

Going to the Sydney Museum of Contemporary Art (my favorite exhibition was one that held transcripts of interviews of people who had gone to prison – it talked about why they went to prison and how they are now upon returning).

The cookies on the plane from Sydney to Australia.

Weekend getaway (spending the night in a camper, seeing the most beautiful beach).

The drive and sights of the Great Ocean Road trip.

Sitting in the living room, watching charmed and eating lunch (and sometimes taking naps).

Jumping off a bridge into a river (and paddle boarding).

Discovering Christian Union (and deciding to go and then applying to go to Base Camp and applying for SPT and bible study).

Going to Base Camp (the marshmellow roasting, singing, debating, late night Makkers run (McDonalds), and stargazing around the fire were my favorite bits).

Finding Southern Cross Church and laughing with Johnny and Brent immediately (and genuinely) for quite a while).

Struggling for a half an hour to find one of my classes which is 2 min away from where I stay.

Meeting Katy and Nikita for SPT.

Applying for study abroad in Ghana.

Meeting Sean and Tom at bible study.

Being overwhelmed by the Queen Victoria Market.

Going to a writer’s talk at The Wheeler Center.

Eating at Sonny’s on Lygon Street (my favorite dinner spot).

Going to a Women’s League Footie game.

Interviewing for Teach for America.

Playing Mafia with my program mates (being Mafia 3 times in a row once in the games room).

Watching a movie with my program mates and being one of the only people who cried.

Laughing with my program mates.

Getting lost for an hour trying to find Big W in QV (had to get back to my apartment without Maps ((because my phone died)).

KFC in Melbourne for the first time.

Leaving the house every day for 3 months to meet up with someone or do something.

Having the best mashed potatoes I’ve ever had at Trunk.

Having a writing lock in during finals time with people in my program.

Having frozen yogurt with Nikita and Sean (I had vanilla and mango with caramel banana, strawberry, and mango bit toppings).

Hiking the Blue Mountains in Sydney.

Making Chai Tea from scratch with Christian Union.

Living around the corner from a Maserati car dealership.

Going to the market with Grammy.