Watching movies with Grammy.

Sugar cane juice.

Having breakfast at Stovetop (favorite breakfast spot) and reading Sylvia Plath

Katy’s cat (Oliver) introducing himself by walking on the back of my legs at 3am.

Celebrating my 21st birthday with my Grammy and friends from church.

Eating Ghanian food with my fingers at my lecture’s home with his family.

Spending the day in Sorrento and Rosebud, Victoria with Mama Mia.

Having dinner with Nikita at Betty’s Burgers.

Going to Rain Conference.

Learning to play drums in African Music and Dance.

Editing my short story “Old Oak”.

Eating tim tams and ramen noodles and watching netflix.

Dance parties with Katy.

Coloring eggs with Grammy for Easter.

Feeding kangaroos at Phillips Island.

Having dinner on a boat on the Sydney Harbour.

Drinking wine in my creative writing class to celebrate the end of the semester.

Walking the city of Melbourne with Nikita and Jason trying to find a decent place to eat.

Eating cabbage and rice.

Going to White Tomato (favorite lunch joint) with Chryssy and then taking Nikita and Katy some months later.

Going to the Summer Night Market and having terrible jerk chicken.

Going to the Winter Night Market and having great wine with Grammy.

Going to the movies to see “US” with Chryssy and her friend.

Starting and finishing “Invisible Man” by Ralph Ellison.

Shopping with Grammy.

Going to see the Orchestra.

Doing the Positive Psychology Intervention assessment for Wellbeing, Motivation, and Performance.

Seeing the magician at the carnival.

Going to Rye Ocean Beach.

Drawing names in the sand at St Kilda Beach.

Sleeping on a beach towel at Brighton Beach.

Going to bible study on Wednesday nights and having supper.

Having apple crumble with cream for the first time.

Having a photo shoot at church.

Improving in table tennis.

Fish and chips.

The clear, pastel blue Australian sky.

Seeing two friends be baptised.

Seeing my little cousin graduate highschool via facetime.

Karaoke night.

Touching real cotton plants.

My farewell party.

Hiking the Grampians in Melbourne.

Making pizza, drinking wine, and watching the making of a music video live with Chryssy.

Eating kangaroo and emu burgers at Metro Burgers.

Eating Nitrogen ice cream at Dex2rose Nitrogen Gelato & Desserts.

Spending my last night with Katy and Nikita.