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Cultural Boarding Pass (A Farewell)

Cultural Carry On: You can’t take all your new cultural behaviors home with you. Some can be integrated into your home life, but some aren’t appropriate. Think of it like carry on baggage; what do you really want to take… Continue Reading →

The Last Visuals

“Life is not a task. Life is a dance. It is a play. It is an experience. Never miss the chance to dance, to play, to experience.”

Favorite Aussie Memories (Part 2)

Watching movies with Grammy. Sugar cane juice. Having breakfast at Stovetop (favorite breakfast spot) and reading Sylvia Plath Katy’s cat (Oliver) introducing himself by walking on the back of my legs at 3am. Celebrating my 21st birthday with my Grammy… Continue Reading →

Go Into Becoming

There are parts of you waiting in different countries, on certain continents, at jobs and in organizations. You must listen to each and every call to go somewhere and do something. That is you calling you to yourself. If you… Continue Reading →

Favorite Aussie Memories (Part 1)

“The Joy of Living is the Gratitude of the Moment” My plane ride with lovely Peg (she told me something along the lines of “don’t worry about money – live and think about it later”. She helped me realize departure… Continue Reading →

Experiencing God in the Godless City

“I don’t deserve any of this”. I said as tears ran down my face, my head on my mother’s shoulder at church on the last Sunday before I took off for Australia. I couldn’t stop crying as I sat in… Continue Reading →

Applying for A Full Time Job While Studying Abroad

I woke up to an incredible email around 4am in March that read “I recently came across your information on the OP’s site, and am reaching out because of your impressive leadership with Pass the Mic. As a junior, you… Continue Reading →

Study Abroad While Studying Abroad

I got a fuzzy feeling in my gut after a wonderful and well needed chat with my dear friend, Amanda, who was studying abroad in Indonesia at the time. I was fascinated by her bathroom adventures, because toilets in Indonesia… Continue Reading →

Old Oak

The last assignment from this semester I’ll share with you: Psalm 1:3 Faith stands out of sight in the tight space between the square house and wooden fence. The fence is plastered with scriptures that her grandmother called tried and… Continue Reading →

Outside In

An assignment done for class: I was full of laughter before I was full of insecurity. “You must laugh a lot. People who laugh a lot have wrinkles around their mouth; they call them laugh lines.” Some guy at a… Continue Reading →

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