Dreams: Many Deferred, One Realized

bless the sacrifices that allow me to fly to new worlds

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A Rainy Night in Melbourne

It turns out a few people in my IFSA program and I have a love for classical music in common. A girl in my program advertised a free ticket to see her play at the Melbourne Recital Center in our… Continue Reading →

Connecting to Connection

In a previous blog, I said, “rejection or absence of connection with one or a number of people does not make me undesirable or unworthy or less – it simply means there is no connection between the person and I.”… Continue Reading →

The Same Bri in Australia and North America (Accomplished)

Today, I woke up with terrible menstrual cramps. This is important for you to know, because I still had The Best day of all of my days in Australia despite this. I went to my Wellbeing, Motivation, and Performance lecture… Continue Reading →

Two Dreams Realized

Grammy, who earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degree as a mother and wife living at home, said to me, “I lived in a dorm. I know what dorm life is like.” She said, “It was like being in a different… Continue Reading →


A day in the life of a Bri abroad on a Wednesday when she doesn’t have class: Today, I woke up with my friend Katy. She spent the night, because she went to the swing club and stayed out late… Continue Reading →

21 in Australia

For at least a decade, I’ve fantasized about my 21st birthday. I imagined that I would buy alcohol all the time and be a real adult (whatever that means; I feel the same). My most recent plans, a year or… Continue Reading →

The Low

I like to look on the bright side of things all the time. I am solution focused. I don’t like to wallow in or make excuses for. But on Sunday, I couldn’t get out of bed and there’s no silver… Continue Reading →

Check In

Hello again! Being that it is mid semester for me, I figured we could take a look at what goals I set out with and see how they’re going. These are direct quotes from my first two blogs and the… Continue Reading →

Missing Home

Something else study abroad orientation prepares you for are the ups and downs. The idea is that there is elation, then adjustment, then a low dip in emotion, then readjustment, and then elation again and not wanting to go home…. Continue Reading →

She Say, They Say: Study Abroad (What I Wish I Knew)

Preparation for study abroad was so overwhelming! There was always something from somewhere about what needed to be done, about what to expect. One of the sources of information was found via my IFSA-Butler student portal. We received Pre-Arrival Newsletters… Continue Reading →

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