I don’t know how you said you did it right.
(I did it how you said to do it right.)
What make you think this room is good and swept?
(I swept the corner where the chair was kept.)
I know them dishes best be done by night.
(I did them just this morning with the light.)
And mind them clothes be folded in a stack!
(Ain’t gone no-where but to the sto and back …)
No child’a mine be out and smell a fool,
(You know I can’t be out nowhere past noon.)
I bet not catch you play’n that ol pool!
(It ain’t so big I got much space to fool.)
You best be dressed and ready fo I’m done,
(I’m up and dressed and you ain’t ready none!)
or you gon’ want to eat and none be left.
(I know it won’t be much to get, I’ll rest.)
And hold your head up when I talk to you,
It shows respect no one can take from you.