1. On Being a Girl
A brownish yellow
lines the white of my panties.
Are you broken too?

2. On Writing
A peony grew
in my heart when I couldn’t
write anything more.

3. To Black Men
I learn to trust you
less than you are taught to love
yourself: the same class.

4. On Being
I cannot commit
to love, poetry, myself;
I can’t be exact.

5. To the Sally’s Employee Woman
My hair is of wool.
That does require cleaning,
just as yours of silk.

6. On Being
It’s a long process.
Stop worrying about it.
Just start yesterday.

7. On Being a Girl Becoming a Woman
My boob size don’t match
my innocence but it do
match my mad, sex drive.

8. The Invisible Running Man
One shoe left behind,
the other moving forward.
Black and steel toed boots.

9. 4×4
drinking from the leaf’s water,
prisoned by the bolts.

10. From Across the Street
Leaves, different branches,
two separate trees reach to kiss.
Let us love like that.

12. Limitation vs. Strength
Flesh pebble carries
white feather on a beetle,
almost like a bee.

13. On Carelessness
There is still grass here
covered with dead, white plastic,
but not enough green.

14. Left Behind
Orange rat-tail comb
fought with a nappy head:
several teeth missing.

15. Purple Flower
Yellow butterfly
Fluttering to, low, from South
kissing a moment.

16. Know, Nature, Play
A rounded screech; bitter chalk
the broken swing swings;
the bird swings his voice the same.

17. Reflect
The stream is neutral;
not aching to be a fall;
only becoming.

blood on my fingers
after treating her mecca
like my own – war zone.