why are you so good to me,
I made you.

Lord, blanket me in blue
for all my days.
wrap me in wisps of white,
hints of red washed.
swallow me in this silence
for all my days.
for i asked the moon to share
her beauty – caught her giving
in her crescent days,
in Your blessed way, You bathed me
in an ounce of her beauty, shared
Your sight of me with me, called me Beloved
and i thank You.

no moment can be recreated.
lucky me – Your Love endureth forever.
each act of Love reminds me of another.
reminds me of when i stayed in my Mother
a little longer. for Your making of me
wasn’t done yet. reminds me
of when i first met You – and again.
reminds me of that Sky, that Sky
with the moon, with winter branches,
with the clear, pastel blue, with clarity –
Your promises rooted deeper than can be remembered.
You have been building me for Light
years. thank You for the rest of my days.

my seeds thank You too.